Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tuxedo and Dress Shirts for Boys

Shopping for my son's clothes is quite difficult sometimes because when we take him to the mall, he is not that cooperative in trying on some clothes. He get so bored very easily with it unlike my daughter who love trying on clothes with me. The easiest I can buy him is via online but sometimes, that doesn't work either because some clothes sizes are way off so it doesn't really fit well when it arrives.  Just like when I ordered him the tuxedo and dress shirt, it was short on him.  Luckily, BlacknBianco is so  generous and accommodating to  sent me another pair without any cost.  Gotta love companies like them  who is very easy to deal with!
As you can see, the  jacket  does not show the  white dress shirt's arm anymore.  It fit perfectly this time and he was very happy!
As usual, he gives me  his funny  goof persinality while I was trying to take a picture of him.  He will be  using this on his first communion ceremony  that is coming soon.
Please note that  these clothing are still unwashed  when he tried them on so  you can see the  wrinkles and stuff.  I wanted him to  try them on first before I wash it  so that I am sure that it is the right size.
He love the size 8 of the  red dress shirt because the tie is different, it is not clip on and it is a little longer compared to the one in size 6.  
He wants to  wear this  for his piano recital in June so  he is very excited to have them.
If you are looking for some dress shirt or tux for your  boys or  Easter dresses or flower girl dresses for your girls. I highly recommend  BlacknBianco because not only  they have good quality clothing but the prices is so affordable as well.  Thank you so much BlacknBianco, your great customer services and low prices is  greatly appreciated!  I will definitely come back to buy  more dress clothes for my son at your site.  

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