Saturday, January 5, 2019

8th Graders Christmas Party with Santa.

I can't believe how time have flown.  I can still remember the very first day I dropped off my daughter at the kindergarten, I felt  nauseous upon  coming back home.  I've never put my children in a daycare and I taught them at home during their pre-school years so it was a first for me.  She took it easier than me though, she was such a true trooper and very independent.  Now, she is in 8th grade, my gosh! 
Since it is their last year in grade school, the homeroom moms and teacher, along with other moms, made sure that they will have plenty of fun and memories to look back to.  Thanks to the best Moms who planned all the activities, the kids  sure are  having a blast.
They had their Christmas party last December 21.  The homeroom Moms invited some of us to be there as well.   We took lots of photos and videos of them.
I am grateful for these Moms who put  their time, effort, and love  in putting  everything together.  They prepared food and games, arts and crafts, and  decorated the whole room to set the yuletide atmosphere.
There's treat for everyone of them.  We went to their classroom  earlier to prep the room and set up everything.
The main chef and dedicated homeroom mom, Mrs. Arnold, thanks a lot Rose.
I love the backdraft.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus were invited so the kids can have their picture taken with them.
Our group of girls.  Sad to see some of them are going to a different school in highschool but that's life.
The memories they all shared will be remembered for a very long time.  They are so close to each other and have a great friendship throughout their elementary days.
Most teens  feel awkward when it comes to their pictures being taken but glad most of these peeps are up to it and were cool about talking to Santa and having their photos taken.
The Moms were even got the chance to have  our pictures  taken with them as well, it was nice.
I am so grateful to met all of these wonderful Moms.  We've developed great friendship, 8 years have been filled with wonderful memories.
The 8th graders are blessed to have Mrs. Ferguson as their homeroom class teacher, she's  a true Mom to them and a great teacher too.
Thanks to Darla for encouraging me to have a photo with Santa, my very first, ha!
It's so nice to see when your kids get along so well with their friends.
The exchange gifts was fun.  My daughter received a whole bag of goodies from this guy right here.
She had a great time looking each of the items that were in the bag, they were all funny lol.
They had a ginger bread house making contest.
They played  stacking cups game.
Those little stockings with the first letter of their names  were so cute.
They were filled with chocolates for them to enjoy later on, thanks Amy!
Over all, they had  a great time celebrating their last Christmas party at St. Joseph School.  High School is around the corner and I am feeling anxious about it.  We will see what  HS awaits for us.

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