Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hello Kitty: Birthday in a Box for our Little Miss

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My daughter is  just like any other girls who like Hello Kitty stuff.    From clothes to accessories, to puzzles, and lunch boxes, you name it.  She has a collection of  Hello Kitty jewelry and  a jewelry box that was given to her as a gift by   a family friend.  Here are some if her Hello Kitty moments.

That's why when I told her that  we are going to celebrate her 10th birthday this year with a Hello Kitty theme, she was   so happy.  I got her this Birthday in a Box Hello Kitty  kit and she's so excited and can't wait for  the day to come.  Whoever started this Birthday in a Box idea is  brilliant because you can get  all ,the   things you need  for one price.  
The  box includes cake plates, dinner plates, party napkins, party cups, party beverage, party table cover, party blowers, party banner party center piece, hot pink mylar star balloon,  solid curling ribbon, lime star mylar balloon, birthday candles,  bright blue cutlery set,   and solid crepe streamers.
This birthday in a box is perfect because we don't usually have   a lot of guests, just  few close friends and family so the number of stuff is just about enough for all of us.  Our daughter's  birthday is not until July but I am glad that we have this box already, that is lone less to worry about  about.  She already told us that she wants an Hello Kitty cake to solidify the theme.  Luckily, we still have  few more months to  prepare for that.  
Those party blowers would  be in full use.  Kids love making noises so having those  blowers during the party is great.  
I like that they sent two colors of foil balloons.
These colorful candles  would make the cake  complete.
If you  Like Birthday in a Box on Facebook, you will be able to  enjoy their deals and not miss any of their  promos.
I told my kids how  lucky they are to have  an opportunity to enjoy things such birthday party.  I never had a party growing up  because my parents can't afford to  so I am glad that we can give  it to our kids.  
We celebrated my son's birthday with a Minion theme so I am glad that we can also celebrate our daughter's  birthday with the theme that she likes.  
I love that you can add a number on the  party banner.
If your daughter love Hello Kitty and she is celebrating her birthday soon, you may want to consider getting the birthday in a box.  Here is a 10% coupon code REVISIT  that you can use at birthdayinabox.com

I can't believe that my daughter will be in two digits this year.  Time flies and I am kind of sad that   they are growing up so fast.  I mean I am glad that they are  growing up the way we want them to be but it's just bitter-sweet that  my babies are now little grown up people! I guess that's my Separation -anxiety kicking in lol.  Am I the only one who feel that way about  their  children?

Playing Guitar

A friend of mine played guitar and sang at the   mass last Sunday at church.  My son was so amazed that  his  classmate's Mom  can strum the guitar really well.  It reminded them to  get the  guitar that I got for them months ago from the closet.  The guitar  came with free strings and a DVD as guide for beginners.  I wish that I  have a guitar when I was growing up.  I really wanted to learn but we were not allowed to touch my grandfather's instruments.  My parents could not afford to buy us one so we never really  developed our interest in strumming guitars.  I learned a little bit when I was in college already but  never really   keep at it.  

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tuxedo and Dress Shirts for Boys

Shopping for my son's clothes is quite difficult sometimes because when we take him to the mall, he is not that cooperative in trying on some clothes. He get so bored very easily with it unlike my daughter who love trying on clothes with me. The easiest I can buy him is via online but sometimes, that doesn't work either because some clothes sizes are way off so it doesn't really fit well when it arrives.  Just like when I ordered him the tuxedo and dress shirt, it was short on him.  Luckily, BlacknBianco is so  generous and accommodating to  sent me another pair without any cost.  Gotta love companies like them  who is very easy to deal with!
As you can see, the  jacket  does not show the  white dress shirt's arm anymore.  It fit perfectly this time and he was very happy!
As usual, he gives me  his funny  goof persinality while I was trying to take a picture of him.  He will be  using this on his first communion ceremony  that is coming soon.
Please note that  these clothing are still unwashed  when he tried them on so  you can see the  wrinkles and stuff.  I wanted him to  try them on first before I wash it  so that I am sure that it is the right size.
He love the size 8 of the  red dress shirt because the tie is different, it is not clip on and it is a little longer compared to the one in size 6.  
He wants to  wear this  for his piano recital in June so  he is very excited to have them.
If you are looking for some dress shirt or tux for your  boys or  Easter dresses or flower girl dresses for your girls. I highly recommend  BlacknBianco because not only  they have good quality clothing but the prices is so affordable as well.  Thank you so much BlacknBianco, your great customer services and low prices is  greatly appreciated!  I will definitely come back to buy  more dress clothes for my son at your site.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Photo Solution with Photo Fairy

Taking photos is something that I enjoy doing  even though I have no professional  training for it.  When I was a kid, we never had a camera nor   photos of us so I told myself that if ever I would have kids of my own, I will definitely take photos of every moment so that they will have  reference to how they look like, what did we do as family, and all that sort of family stuff.  Within 12 years, I have taken thousands of photos of my kids and  compiled them in photo albums. I know that digital is the new thing now in storing photos but I still order prints once in a while when I find good deals online because it is something that the kids  can have when they have their own family.  

I have some new  printed ones that I have to arrange in albums but I ran out of albums so I will be working on that soon.
I find an interesting concept today in ordering your photos.  You know that monthly subscription that you can do with food,  beauty products, lingerie, and other things, well there is one for photos too.  It is called the Photo Fairy.  Life gets in the way sometimes and you keep  forgetting to order your  photos.  So even though, you already planned to have some   photo printed, it is not happening because you got busy and forgot about it.  Well, not anymore if you  sign up at  https://www.phtofy.com.  They will connect to your Facebook,  pick your best photos and print them to send to you.  You will never have to forget them again as it will be delivered to you monthly.  Pretty cool isn't it?  It cost $5 for monthly subscription.  You get 10 photos  for that and $.50 cents for additional ones.  You can check out more of the details by visiting the link.  

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