Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Playing Guitar

A friend of mine played guitar and sang at the   mass last Sunday at church.  My son was so amazed that  his  classmate's Mom  can strum the guitar really well.  It reminded them to  get the  guitar that I got for them months ago from the closet.  The guitar  came with free strings and a DVD as guide for beginners.  I wish that I  have a guitar when I was growing up.  I really wanted to learn but we were not allowed to touch my grandfather's instruments.  My parents could not afford to buy us one so we never really  developed our interest in strumming guitars.  I learned a little bit when I was in college already but  never really   keep at it.  

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  1. I always loved the sound of guitar playing but never really learned how to play myself. I think my friends hid mine from me--yeah I was that bad!! Oh well--I will just have to listen to others play.


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