Friday, September 16, 2022

Academy Training Day at WVU with Sen. Joe Manchin

On August 27th, we went with our daughter to West Virginia University so she could attend the Academy Training Day sponsored by Senator Joe Manchin.  We thought she won't like it but she actually had fun and made friends with some of the participants.
They were given a passport that each booth has to stamp so they went around and talk to people.  Some booth gave each participants some freebies like shirt and nerf ball but other's just packet of information.  They were also given an official shirt that they have to wear for the entire duration of the event.
I was just on the sideline observing how my daughter was interacting with people.  She talked to her Dad every time she finishes talking to people.
It's interesting to know that the army and air force national guard will pay you to attend college if you signed up for their program.  I think it's a good option if you doesn't qualify for the academy or you don't have a plan after high school.  If I was given this kind of opportunity when I was young, I would have definitely took it.
It's a little funny that every branch would tell you that they are the best option but I guess if you were there to recruit, you have to try really try hard to sell your pitch to a potential candidate.
We get to see a Blackhawk helicopter land on the field.  
My daughter attended the event with one of her classmate and friend from school.

She wasn't happy I was taking pictures lol.  
Aside from meeting people from the local government and different branches of the military, they also did some physical training on the field.
It was such a great idea to attend the event because our daughter got a little taste of how it's like to be in the service.  Although it was nothing compared to what it's really like in the military but it was a good exerience for her.  It ignited her passion to join even more.
Hubby and I get to tour some parts of the West Virginia University Campus.  It's unique how this school is set up, they are spread out all over Morgantown.  Every Department has it's own campus, I've never seen anything like it.
Sen. Manchin couldn't attend but he had his staff there answering questions about nominations.  I wish our son could have went with us.  but it was a whole day event and he would have been bored to tears.  It's good though that he stayed because  he took care of our dogs.

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