Monday, July 28, 2014

Tea Party at Johnston House with the Howells

Hello  lovely friends, I am posting this  exciting event that I had last weekend.  My sisters in the neighborhood, Ate Lizzy and Ate Sarah and their  beloved Mommy, Tita Angie, treated me for a tea party for my birthday, yay!!!!!  The place is called Johnston House Salon and Spa and it is located somewhere in Pennsylvania.

I have never  been to a tea party before so this was  such an exciting  event for me.  I brought my iPod with me so I can take lots of pictures since my Mom wasn't with me.  
I like the place, it looks real fancy, like the places that you see in old movies.  I am not really good in taking  photos though.  
Here are more pictures from my iPod.  I actually took like a hundred of photos.  I am sure that my Mom would post some in her blog too.  Of all the sweet treats that we have had, I love the blueberry cake the most.  It was super moist that it tasted so good!
Below are  photos that Ate Lizzy and Ate Sarah took from their camera-phone.
Aside from the  fun boding that we have during  the tea party, I also love it when one of  the  server their told me that whoever taught me to act like a little lady did a pretty good job.  Thanks to my Mom's constant reminders about  my manners, I finally showcased what I learned from my Mom.  I would love to  do it again, it was fun!  Thank you once again to the Howells family for  making  me feel like a princess that day!

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