Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fuzzy Peach Fun

Before we went to California, the  3rd  Grade Homeroom Mom, Mrs. Arnold planned an after school  activity at Fuzzy Peach.  Fuzzy Peach is a new yogurt place  here in the area.  Below is  story of the place.
The happy faces of first graders. These three have siblings in 3rd grade so they are always included in the out-of-school-activities of the 3rd graders which I think is really nice.  Below are the 3rd graders (soon to be 4th graders).
 I like the place because aside from yogurt, it also offers  something to do for the kids.  There is a big board where kids can draw and write.  There are also Connect 4 game  on every table which is fun to do while  eating the yogurt.
 The place is big, lots of room for kids to run around.  The selection  of flavors are awesome and there are lots of  topping assortment to choose from.
It was such a fun event not only for the kids but for us parents as well.  Would love to  thank Mrs. Mascio for giving us a ride!

It was really a fun after-school activity.  Kudos to Ms. Arnold for organizing it.  I applaud these homeroom Moms, they really do a great job!

5 Great Books to Read with Your Child

Reading together with your child, or listening to your child read aloud, can be an amazing pastime. Studies have shown that children who learn to read from an early age experience less difficulty with grasping the concept of the written language and are often more developed when it comes to formal schooling, than children who are not read to on a regular basis. As well as being beneficial to your child’s learning aptitude, reading also has health benefits as it is proven to reduce stress – being a non-competitive activity – and also nurtures a child’s natural inquisitive mind, allowing them to explore their world with a more open and creative mind.

There is a number of books that are great for beginning readers and although it is crucial to find out what your child enjoys to read, it is also recommended that you read at least a few of the classics, just to give your child a good all round basic knowledge of reading.

5. Where’s Wally? By Martin Handford

Although this isn’t quite a book for reading, finding Wally allows your child to improve their concentration skills and also helps them to identify faces. The simple premise of the activity is great because to find Wally appears to be an easy task, but your children could spend a good amount of time poring over the book trying to find the pesky guy!

4. The Book of Baths by Karen Ruelle

Ideal for toddlers and babies, this short little book shows pictures of various different animals and humans having a bath. The language used in the book is short and onomatopoeic and helps to aid the visual and auditory memory of your child, using short rhyming phrases like ‘fish flips’ and ‘bug dips’.

3. Nothing by Mick Inkpen

Better suited for young readers around four or five years old, this is a fantastic short story book with a motto at the end. The story follows a little lost bear-like toy as he finds out his family has moved away and he tries to get back to them. There are a few great messages in the book, with issues being tackled such as moving to a new place as well as moving forward to improve yourself.

2. Hide-and-Seek Elmer by David McKee

This fantastic book is about Elmer, an elephant with a very differently coloured coat. The book follows Elmer as he tries to play hide-and-seek with all his friends. It is a lift-the-flap book which helps both your child’s motor skills and their ability to recognise the different colours and animals.

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

A fun and friendly book with lots of colourful pictures. This book will help your child to learn numbers as well as improve their memory through repetition. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is also great to teach your children about the different fruits, the days of the week and the concept of time. All in all an extremely helpful book for first time readers.

As a primary school classroom assistant with a pre-school age child of her own, Laura Spencer is very interested in early years education. She writes about such issues for Red Box Teacher Recruitment, experienced providers of temporary teachers as well as auxiliary staff for schools in London.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Music Jewelry Box

I was looking at the posts from my blog and looking for specific post that my Mom might have posted but I did not see it. So I am posting it right now while my brother is not using this computer yet to play his game.  The reason why I was looking for this post because I wanted to forward it to my music teacher who gave me this precious gift when I won the Doodle4Google for the state of West Virginia.
She gave this to me after school and I was very surprised and  excited  because she never mentioned that she was going to give me something.
I love the message she wrote on the card and the message itself on the music box!
Thank you so much Mrs. Bernardi for this wonderful gift!  I will forever treasure this.  You have helped me so much in pushing myself to learn more about playing the piano right.  Thank you for your suggestion for me to try at Doquesne University.  I am getting excited to  start my lessons there.  I am so glad that my parents   decided to  keep my former music teacher for this year.  Mrs. Fedoush is such a good teacher.  I just feel bad that  my parents has to pay so much for my piano lessons.  But I am so thankful!  I thank God that  I have great parents and great teachers.

Thank you for  dropping by and for leaving me a comment.  I enjoy reading them every time.



Friday, June 20, 2014

Log Jammer at Kennywood

I had a blast during  our  summer visit at Kennywood this year.  Dad and I were  falling in line to  go ride at the Log Jammer and then suddenly we saw my friends from school with her parents and sister, I was  excited to see them!
It turned to be just Mrs. Velegol and the girls who   went.  Dad and my friend's Dad did not go hehehe.
Thank you to my Mom for all the  pictures she took!
Ha ha ha, my face is so intense on this photo .   There is also a camera that  snap pictures when the log is going down and it is so much fun to look at them in the booth  because they are bigger. You can buy them  afterwards.
This splash of the water is what gets you wet at the bottom.

I am so glad that I found my friends, the ride was extra exciting  because all of us  were screaming  at the top of our lungs ha ha ha!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Raging Rapids at Kennywood

I remember this kind of ride  when we  went to Disney World  in Florida some years ago and  to Sea World  in San Antonio last year.  I get the same luck every time, being soaked ha ha ha!  I don't mind though because I get to ride with my friends.  
I just wish we do not have to fall in line he he he.
But it is worth the wait.  Can you tell me and my friends are having so much fun?
I was very glad that  even though  me and my friends did not plan to see each othere in Kennywood, we found each other!
This is Mr. and Mrs. Velegol, my friend's parent who took us to the Raging Rapids ride.
Mommy  just want to take pictures all the time so she did not go.  I think part of it is because she did not  want to get wet and she hates  the speed of any rides.  She went with us in Disney World though and it was so much fun!
It's funny, Mrs. Velegol brought a raincoat.  She wants to ride but she did not want to get wet.  Maybe I should buy one of those for Mom next time  ha ha ha.
I love this photo that Mommy took from afar although you can not see  us but the smiles on  my friend's parents is beautiful!!
My brother is lucky because he did not get dumped on with water, I was.  Look how soaked I was in the last photo...
I will definitely love to go on this ride again next time but next time, I will be prepared, I will wear my swim suit so I can change after the ride.

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...