Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Ms. Burrito took home this  Eskimo  project that she  did in school.  Timing for this week's letter in ABC Wednesday.  If you have something  to share to us that  starts with a letter E this week, join us with this educational and enjoyable meme every Wednesday.  
In my previous post on my other blog, I've featured our dog, Bolt, who always want to get his picture taken  with Ms. Burrito.  He did it again this time.
I thought that   my children passed the sickness period this Winter but I was  wrong.  Mr. Burrito has been absent in school for two days now.  He has a recurring fever and I feel so bad for the little guy.  He did not want to miss the Mardi Gras party that they are having in school today but he couldn't make it.  I was one of the Moms to help in that party too but  can't make it as I have to take care of him at home.  I hope that he'll feel better soon.
This photo was taken last Sunday.  You can tell that Mr. Burrito is already feeling under the weather that day.  He wasn't in his normal energetic mood.

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