Sunday, December 2, 2012

Z-Tek Crossbow

I was very happy when Freeman Public Relation granted me to work with them. They gave me three products for FREE in return for my honest review.  My Burritos would be  delighted to have the   things that I got for them.  I haven't given these to them yet, I want to surprise them this Christmas.  They would be delighted to get some extra stuff.
This Cuddle Barn's Sassy Sally would be perfect  for my niece.  My  kids are big enough for this kind of  plush toy so I will just send this to my niece, I am sure that she'll be happy.
Ms Burrito recently made a crossbow out of paper.  She watched the tutorial on Youtube and she made one which she was very proud.  I figured, she would love to have this one as it is complete already and she doesn't have to make it herself.
Mr. Burrito love to  tear apart  some of his cars so he can re-build it and this Xtreme Custom Kit would be  a perfect one for him to work on.

Thank you so much to Ms. E. Kuehn for giving me  not only one product to review but three.  If you want to know what they do and what kind of product and services they offer, check them out and like their  Facebook page so you won't miss a thing.

Disclaimer: The products above are  given for free and I did not receive any monetary compensation for this.  Opinions are 100% mine.

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