Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Awesome Birthday Celebration at the Beach in Ocean City

Hello again everybody. It's time to sneaked in at Mom's computer while she is doing the laundry.  I haven't had the chance to blog lately because  Mommy said, she is cleaning one of her blogs.  I am not sure what she meant by cleaning but I guess it is something important.  She told me before that this blog of mine lost the page rank (I don't even know what that is....wink and giggles) but she cleaned it and now the page rank is back.  So I try not to interrupt my Mom when she is  working because I know it is something important. 
By the way, I have an awesome  time celebrating my 9th birthday in Ocean City.  Me and my brother, EJ, had a blast swimming in the pool and in the ocean.  It was exciting to be  caught by the waves.  My Mom keep  saying "Be careful" but we truly had a fun time out there.  Below are some photos that my Mom took while we   enjoy the  ocean water with out Dad.

 I love being in the ocean, I wish we live near Maryland.  I would probably bug my parents to take us everyday on the shore ha ha ha.
Making sand castle and burying our bodies in  the sand was so much fun also.
My brother is fearless.  He does not mind the waves hitting his face.  I am more cautious because I don't like the water in my face.    
I would like to thank everybody who left comments on my Mom's post on Facebook during my birthday.  I had fun reading  all your greetings.  I feel loved!

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