Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Top 5 Must Play RPG Games for Teenagers

If you are looking for some RPG games to buy for your teen son or daughter, then these top five RPGs are some of the best to ever exist.

5. Dragon Age: Origins

Starting at number five, Dragon Age: Origins is a great step into the RPG genre and features a rich story accompanied by interactive gameplay. In this game, you play as one of the last of the legendary guardians, the Grey Wardens, and you must travel the world making choices and engaging foes to eventually defeat the archdemon.

4. Dark Souls 3

This game and its predecessors are famously known to be brutal and unforgiving. You are not told very much about the story, but you are given hints and breadcrumbs that allow you to theorize what it may be. The main attraction of this game is how merciless it is, which is why it may not be for everyone, especially if you get frustrated easily or you are looking for a relaxing time. Featuring a combat system second to none, it is a highly renowned game loved by many and you should definitely check it out if it sounds like something you may be interested in. It is recommended you play with a controller if you are purchasing on PC since it is designed for one.

3. Divinity: Original Sin 2

The Divinity series are phenomenal games with incredible acting and lots of exploration options and secrets to discover. In this world, there are beings known as Godwoken and they are heavily discriminated against for the disasters that happen around them and the powers they possess. You play as one such Godwoken and you must play through the story making companions and fight in advanced tactical turn-based combat, playing to your unique skills and advantages. The depth to this game’s combat system and world layout is incredible.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game loved by many, mainly because of the sheer size of the world and the freedom available to you whilst playing it. It features a unique story with plenty of lore accompanied by good voice acting and a combat system that really lets you do what you want. There’s a reason so many people love Skyrim and you should definitely play it, especially for new players. Also, the game has a large mod community, which really improves the game for PC players and makes the game feel completely different the second time around.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt + DLC

The Witcher Series is the pinnacle of RPGs and its latest installment, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is the best of the best. The story takes place in a medieval setting and you play as Geralt, a Witcher. Witchers deal with the grim creatures that roam the lands and the general public aren’t very fond of them since they have monster-like properties themselves. The world is beautiful and vast, and the graphics are top-notch whilst being optimized to play at a high framerate. For those that complete the base game, there are two extra DLCs to play, which feature more story and content such as the Witcher 3 Frog Prince to give you new challenges.

Most of these games have predecessors that are worth checking out as well if you want more of the world. We hope you enjoy playing, arguably, the best games ever made in gaming history. Let us know your favorite down below!

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