Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter Blast on a SuperBowl Day

While other families were busy preparing for their superbowl party, my family were having a blast sled riding.  We went to the nearby college here in our area and let ourselves enjoy  what mother nature has  given us this winter.
 The three of us went first while my husband was shoveling snow out from our driveway and sidewalk.  I took pictures of  them first before I joined the fun, yes I did ride the sled too, lol.
I normally would say "NO" to playing outside but I figure, we needed some fresh winter air so we all went.  I just made sure that we were all bundle up so nobody get sick.  Our dog could have enjoyed it too but it's hard when we have them because they constantly runs so our attention is divided.  
We had  so much fun.  The snow was perfect for sled riding.  The kids  went fast going down.  IT was a great exercise for all of us.  Going down is fun and going  up the steep hill was our main exercise, that and the laughter we ripped through.

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