Wednesday, September 10, 2014

City Music Center

Last Saturday was  our daughter's first day of classes in  Doquesne University.  She is enrolled to their  music program which include  one-hour of Musicianship, one-hour of Eurhytmics, and a 45-minute one-on-one piano with Ms. Natasha.  She was very nervous on the first day because we read  the reviews  online about her piano teacher and most of her students said that she is very strict, however, they all complimented her for being the best teacher.  Here are some of the photos of her first day at City Music Center.  Their classes are held in Mary Pappert School of Music building.

I tried to divert her nervousness by  letting her pose for me to take a picture of her which she did but inside the  piano teacher's room, you can tell that she is very tensed.
The piano teacher invited us over  to see how she does  but after the session, she told us that we  can no longer come inside with her in the succeeding lessons lol.  After her piano lesson, we  waited outside for her other classes to be over.  We let our son ran around the field and  have fun.
Me and my son won't be going with them  next Saturday.  Three hours of classes is  a very long time for him to wait although he can play outside but I would rather stay here at home with him then we can do something else rather than  be in the campus.  Besides, my husband has to do his  online assignments while waiting for our daughter so it will give him time to do it alone without us.

We Missed to Attend Friends' Wedding

Hubby and I were not able to attend the wedding  of his friend last weekend because  our daughter's first day of classes in Doquesne University have  fallen on the same day and we ran out of time after we got back home.  We were gonna try to go but  the drive from here to the venue of their wedding was two house so we will miss the ceremony anyway.  The thought of leaving the kids just to be able to attend the reception was not really ideal so I told my husband that   he should just give our monetary gift when they see each other at work.  Right now, they are still in honeymoon I think.   To Ralph and Bethany, congratulations  and best wishes to both of you!  Sorry if we were not able to come on your special day!

Youth Leadership Graduation

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