Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 Tips to Keeping Kids Safe Online

In today's modern world, technology is all around us and social media has become the hottest mode of communication. Kids are using the Internet for school work, entertainment, and to catch up with their friends. They are at risk of attacks by child pornographers and pedophiles, not to mention cyberbullying from their enemies. Parents need to know important tips about keeping their children safe online. Here are five tips to keep them as secure as possible.

Restrict their time online and monitor them closely
A good starting point is to limit the time children spend on the Internet. They can be given a block of time in the evening when a parent is home to provide close supervision, ensuring children are only going to suitable sites and are not getting in trouble. 

Limit texting
Parents can easily put a limit on their children's texting plans. As the account holder, parents also have full access to texts and can request transcripts in order to see everything that goes out and comes in on the phone. It's possible to block certain numbers. Charges can be pressed if there is any form of harassment or inappropriate content, such as photographs that display nudity. It’s probably a good idea to monitor most of your child’s cell phone usage. It also helps to give them a used or older model cell phone that may not have the most up-to-date Internet browsing capabilities. By limiting your child’s access you’ll have a better chance at keeping them safe when they go online.

Don't allow underage children to have social media accounts
Social media can open up a world of trouble for children and should not be used by children that are not in their teen years. Even teens can be limited. One of the best things a parent can do is have an open door policy in which they inspect their children's social media accounts on a regular basis. There should be no secrets.

Put filters on home computers
There are a variety of companies and software available to put filters on home computers. This will ensure that children cannot go to inappropriate sites. Windows 8, 7, and Windows Vista have parental controls where parents can block inappropriate sites. Parents can purchase great software as well, including WebWatcher, SpyAgent, and IamBigBrother as well. There are also kid-friendly search engines such as yahooligans and Ask Jeeves for Kids that will keep children away from dangerous sites. 

Set clear ground rules
Parents need to be very clear with their children about what is acceptable online. They should also make sure lines of communication stay open. Children should always feel free to tell their parents when there is a problem.

Having open lines of communication will be important throughout your child’s life as they grow into being an adult. Communication is vitally important if your child feels like they are being watched or followed when they interact with folks online. The internet isn’t going to go away and the ease of access for pedophiles is only growing. Help keep our kids safe!

Article provided by the Law Offices of David Michael Cantor of Phoenix, AZ. David and his team focus on Criminal Defense in Arizona.

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Thank you so much Tita Demcy, Tito Greg and Akesha for the   wonderful presents.

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