Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello Kitty Girl

A good family friend of ours sent these Hello Kitty gifts for Ms. Burrito for her birthday.  Hello Kitty is such a  great brand for  little girls doesn't it?  I remember when we were traveling and my daughter  was wearing her HK outfit,  somebody told my daughter "Every  Girl's Best Friend is Hello Kitty."  

The Dias Family really knows how to tickle the soft spot to my daughter's heart.  She love the jewelry box and the  cupcake stand.
Thank you so much Tita Demcy, Tito Greg and Akesha for the   wonderful presents.


  1. Hello Kitty is so cute-I honestly do not know any girls who do not like anything with Hello Kitty on it--Your daughter has a beautiful smile!

  2. Those are so cute, I love Hello Kitty. My son got sent some Hello Kitty things but he did not appreciate them! Looks like your daughter had a pretty good birthday.

  3. i know someone who loves hello kitty and pink so much.:)

  4. Aawwww! such a cute and sweet gift :) good for you for having such a generous friend.

  5. I think Ms Burrito should visit Japan to see the biggest Sanrio store.

  6. i can just imagine her smile while receiving this one. My peachy loves hello kitty too :)

  7. my daughter loves hello kitty too! I bet Ms. Burrito is very much excited with all those things.....


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