Thursday, June 27, 2013

San Antonio Texas at the Dias Family's Residence

Two years ago, my family and the Dias family met in Disney World.  I met Dhemz through blogging when I was  just starting to blog back when we were still in South Korea.  We decided to met together with our families in Disney World.  Our children  got along so well so the friendship continue on.  This year, we decided to visit their  state so we could be together again and have fun.  I will let the photos below talk how much fun  they had  on the first day we arrived in San Antonio.
Their dog Buddy is the most behave dog ever.  He smiles in front of the camera as well.  The kids had so much fun playing wii fit.
Thank you so much  Dias Family for  the warm welcome, for opening your home to us, and for the wonderful  birthday party you guys   prepared for me!  

Great Gifts for Elementary School Kids

When kids are at the elementary school age, they unanimously love receiving presents and gifts. Whether you're a parent, other relative or even an elementary school teacher, giving a gift that won't be forgotten after five minutes or that doesn't trap them in front of a TV can be a pretty tall order. Here are some playful - and useful - ideas for gifting the little ones in your life. 

Personalized Items 

Kids tend to be inherently proud of who they are, and personalized gifts, like Stuck on You Labels or pencils with their names on them, are great because kids love seeing their names on things, and the items themselves are usually quite useful. Think about what the child you're buying for is interested in; a book reader might appreciate rubber stamps featuring their first and last name for stamping inside the front cover, and a little soccer player will find functionality in a personalized reusable water bottle. 


Puzzles are a great way to engage young minds in some serious brain activity. Not only do they give kids the ultimate satisfaction once the picture is complete, the process is usually a quiet one that keeps them engrossed (and not spilling, screaming or poking each other). Plus, puzzles can be inexpensive enough to purchase for large groups, making them good party favors. 
Coupon Books 

Coupon books are simple to construct from any colorful paper you might have around the house, and the contents are always sure to delight. The coupons within can differ depending on the relationship of the giver, but some good ideas include a "Free Chore Pass," "Free Homework Pass," "Good for One Afternoon at the Movie of Your Choice" or "Your Favorite Homemade Dinner/Dessert." Gifts for young people should be fun, but adding a dimension of creativity and functionality is a smart move that both child and parent can appreciate.

LEGO games for Kids Education

Whether a person is based from New York, TX, Richardson, CA or Los Angeles, he or she has then knowledge of the LEGOS to be the favorite toy for children of every age, especially in the holiday season. It is however difficult to decide for purchasing the right kind of toys. As there are various types of games and toys for the children to select from, it is hard to buy such in the present economy, especially in the Christmas season. Although a person already has the knowledge regarding battle among purchasing old school toys like LEGOS vs. technology based toys like video games. There is however certain positive and negative impacts for purchasing the building block toys like LEGOS for grandchildren or kids.
Positive impacts of LEGO sets
Varity of character – With the varieties in character, a person can select the sets of LEGOS from an expanded category. There are many character based toys for selecting from. A person can select from the following:
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Star Wars - Boba Fett
  • Spider Man
  • Indiana Jones
  • Green Lantern
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Batman
The above names are very much popular in the knowledge of everyone including old and young people.
Interest of child – If a person desires for expanding the interest of his or her child, then LEGOS building blocks can be chosen. Selection of a toy should be totally based on what mostly excites the children. Certain child’s interest games are as follows:
  • Movies and TV (i.e. Star Wars and Harry Potter)
  • Minifigure
  • Transportation
  • Occupations
  • Sports
  • Learning
  • Sci-fi and Fantasy (i.e. Halo)
  • Nature and Animals
As the children grow older, a person may trust the assured LEGOS collection. This would hold the interest of the children always during the management of life and also doing everything properly.
Based on education – LEGO has a specialized brand named LEGO education. It provides certain Duplo building block kits for toddlers and babies. These kinds of LEGOS are specially designed for the young kids. It even aids in the development of the child. The fields in which the development of a child increases are as follows:
  • Nourishes the power of imagination through storytelling
  • Gives an idea of basic design
  • Offers spatial awareness
  • Helps in color recognition
  • Provides eye hand coordination

A person can select the basic classic theme sets or brick sets, which are family, playhouse, train and farm. These types of sets would educate one’s children by keeping them entertained. Hence for availing such positive impacts of LEGOS, a person should Buy LEGO Games. 

Negative impacts of LEGO Sets Safety – Giving the children small pieces of toys for playing can tend to be hazardous for their health, or even hurt them. Choking is one the greatest concern for most of the mothers. Domination of Gender – The building sets of LEGOS are usually termed to be male dominated, for example, Wars, Ninja, Bionicle, etc. serving for the boys to get attracted rather than the girls. 

Price – A vast majority of LOGOS building blocks along with its accessories costs lesser than the basic LEGO bricks, i.e. $25.00. For example, LEGO City costs approximately $160.00.

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...