Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great Gifts for Elementary School Kids

When kids are at the elementary school age, they unanimously love receiving presents and gifts. Whether you're a parent, other relative or even an elementary school teacher, giving a gift that won't be forgotten after five minutes or that doesn't trap them in front of a TV can be a pretty tall order. Here are some playful - and useful - ideas for gifting the little ones in your life. 

Personalized Items 

Kids tend to be inherently proud of who they are, and personalized gifts, like Stuck on You Labels or pencils with their names on them, are great because kids love seeing their names on things, and the items themselves are usually quite useful. Think about what the child you're buying for is interested in; a book reader might appreciate rubber stamps featuring their first and last name for stamping inside the front cover, and a little soccer player will find functionality in a personalized reusable water bottle. 


Puzzles are a great way to engage young minds in some serious brain activity. Not only do they give kids the ultimate satisfaction once the picture is complete, the process is usually a quiet one that keeps them engrossed (and not spilling, screaming or poking each other). Plus, puzzles can be inexpensive enough to purchase for large groups, making them good party favors. 
Coupon Books 

Coupon books are simple to construct from any colorful paper you might have around the house, and the contents are always sure to delight. The coupons within can differ depending on the relationship of the giver, but some good ideas include a "Free Chore Pass," "Free Homework Pass," "Good for One Afternoon at the Movie of Your Choice" or "Your Favorite Homemade Dinner/Dessert." Gifts for young people should be fun, but adding a dimension of creativity and functionality is a smart move that both child and parent can appreciate.


  1. Puzzles are definitely a great idea. I've seen them many times at the Dollar Tree even. Great suggestions!

  2. Aww the puzzle is super cute and those are good ideas I like the personalized tags!! Great site bookmarking!

  3. My son always (and still) loves receiving puzzles as a gift. He likes the really difficult puzzles now that have a lot or pieces. I think those make great gifts.

  4. I thought I was the only parent that used coupon books. We have them to get out of everything, you have to pay mom with a hug and kiss though!

  5. puzzlws are always good they are educational and fun

  6. These are awesome items that kids would enjoy. My son would enjoy the puzzle so much.

  7. I love the idea of personlized items

  8. the puzzles would be my son's favorite. he have a few sets!

  9. Your list is wonderful sis. The puzzle is really the most enjoyable gift for kids that age. Fun and educational.

  10. Cool tips! Stuck on You designs are really cute!

  11. Those are wonderful kind of gifts, they are useful for kids


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