Thursday, April 3, 2014


"It takes a Twirl to Raise a Girl"  is  the slogan from  TwirlyGirl  and I just love it!  Having a daughter is a wonderful thing.  I have a friend and an enemy  lol.  Kidding aside, having a daughter is  awesome!  I can't even imagine myself without  our precious little lady.  She's my baby doll whom I can dress up most of the times.  Trying on clothes is one of the many things that we both enjoy doing when shopping at the mall.  She gets very excited when I tell her that I have a dress for little girls like this one.  
She was so thrilled when I handed her  the packaged that I got from TwirlyGirl.  She did not know what it is as it was beautifully wrapped in a pink cloth.  She thought I was pulling a prank on her even though it was  the day before April Fools.  I told her to open it and see.  
She absolutely love this Can Can Dress  with a Bubble Gum Petal Shine print.  The material is so soft and  comfortable on her skin.  When she put it on, I asked her to make a twirl and she was like "Whoa, this is so cool, I love this!"
We even use the wrapper as her hair accessory.  She can't wait to wear this on their free dress in school and that wouldn't be until the end of this month so she just have to wait.   
This dress is very well made.  I can till that this would last very long because they used  4 thread overlock stitching.  You don,t have to worry about ripping off the  stitches or something like that.  All  the clothing at Twirly Girl is proudly manufactured here in the USA so it is high quality.  You might raise your brow when you see the price but I tell you, it is worth every penny you will pay for with their dresses.
Twirly Girl has fabulous collection of dress for little girls   that they  would surely love to wear everyday.  I am telling you, our 8 year old daughter does love this one that I got for her.  She wore it right away  when it first arrive then I told her that I have to wash it, when it dried, she wore  it again lol.
A dress for little girl like this cost $72 but as I have said earlier, it's worth it because the fabric alone is of high quality and the  craftmanship is beautiful.  They do take pride in making their products.  It was funny when I told her that this  particular style of dress is called Can Can and she exclaimed "Oh my, that's my first piano piece recital song" lol.  She's right, I did not think she would remember but she did.
If you want to see their dresses little girls' collectionvisit TwirlyGirl.  I had so much fun browsing and  looking at their selection.  You can change the way you  dress little girls with their   collection into  a more fun and fashionable way.  You can use the code KidsTG to  enjoy a 10% discount, the coupon code will expire on May 1st..  This code expires in May 1st so  while you have time, enjoy the discount before it expires.  Thanks a lot TwirlyGirl!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

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