Tuesday, June 17, 2014

USS Requin Submarine at Carnegie Science Center

Mommy told us that when she was growing up, she wished that they have a camera but her parents  can't afford it so she never had any picture of her growing up. I think that is the main reason why she made sure to take pictures of me and my brother no matter what we do. I call it obsession actually because she never failed to capture every moment he he he. Peace Mom. I mean, I like it that she does that because we have so many things to look back to. Just like when we were babies, we have so many album of photos. My oh my, we looked so different when we were babies. I have kanckles (is that how you call it) and I have rolls ha ha ha!
She gets frustrated when she wants to take a good picture of us but  me and my brother keeps  making faces of making  goofy poses ha ha ha.  These photos were taken when we went to Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.
I just love summer, I get to post here in my blog once in a while when Mommy is away from the computer ha ha ha.  I was not able to make a post for my Dad's birthday though, I feel bad.
We have so many pictures taken when we went to Carnegie Science Center but I only saw a couple of posts that Mommy have made so this is another one contributed by me.
I took this opportunity to write this post while Mommy is cooking breakfast.  Thank you very much for dropping by and for commenting.

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