Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter and Spring Break Activities

My Burritos are on  Spring/Easter break for 12 days since last Saturday.  Since we can not go outside to play, I am running out of fun things to do for them lol. During the first two days, they worked on the  setting up their Rock Lab from the collection of rocks that they have.  I cleaned our home the other day but they  asked me not to clean their Rock Lab that they set up in their room.
After we ate breakfast yesterday, Ms. Burrito decided to dress up and asked me to take some photos.
Glad she had the princess dresses that she can use  every time she wants.
After the dress up game, I asked them what they want for Easter.  An idea sparked in their mind to write a letter to the Easter Bunny, I find it very cute.
After they wrote the letter, I played an upbeat music, the pop workout disc that I have, then we danced until we were all sweating and tired.   I went to the kitchen to make us a snack then  when I came back, they were both sleeping lol.  Their nap lasted for  two hours, wow!  

So Mommies, if  you want to do something fun with your kids,  play some  music and dance with them.  They will get tired and take nap afterwards.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Face Wipes and Facial Moisturizer

 This is long overdue but because of Ms. Burrito's sickness, I wasn't able to concentrate on blogging for a while.  I am just glad that she has fully recovered  with the   bladder infection.  We are suppose to bring her to the hospital one last time for a blood work because her blood count is a little lower.  Her doctor wants to make sure that it will go up to normal.
Anyhow, you might  have remembered the  first review that me and my daughter did for  Ottilie and Lulu about the detangler shampoo and conditioner that they sent us for Ms. Burrito to use.  They liked the video that Ms. Burrito did so they sent her two more products to review.  
I will post her video again  sometime this weekend about her experience in using this clean skin face wipe  and everyday facial moisturizer.  She uses these whenever she is having her gym class in school.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jump Rope for Heart

St. Joseph  School has been collaborating with American Heart Society for years to help and support those  people who have heart problem.  Together, they have an event called Jump Rope for Heart Program where students can participate and learn about the importance of having  a healthy heart.  They also encouraged the parents to support the  cause through some donations.  The donation that we have  collected were sent to American Heart Association.

Each participants were given  book marker with "It Takes a Heart to be a Hero" slogan.  On the other side of the book marker, there are photos of kids who have  heart ailments telling their story.
I wish that I was there so I could have took some photos but parents were not invited to the said event. Below are some of the photos I took of them  with their Jerseys on.  We bought each of them  a jersey during their student day.

Is Tea Good for Kids?

Tea is one of the most beloved drinks around the world. Touted to be as energizing as water and as nutritious as any fruit, tea has attracted a lot of attention and have enticed adults and kids alike. While adults are more than encouraged to drink tea for the numerous benefits it provides, many are doubtful of the effects it will have on kids.

Some of the most common concerns of parents regarding tea are the following:
• It contains ingredients that might disrupt a child's sleep.
• It might deplete the iron in the kid's body.
• It might prohibit them from absorbing all the necessary nutrients from the food they eat.

While the above concerns may have real bases, the truth is that they can only take effect if the child is given several cups of pure black tea. For thoroughly-informed and responsible parents, however, that will never be the case.

Teas Are Kid-friendly

Believe it or not, tea actually offers children the same benefits it offers to adults. That means, your kids may gain the following benefits:
• Rooibos tea is a caffeine-free tea that is rich in antioxidants and has a deep, earthy taste. It helps relieve kids with colic and sleeping problems. It is also a good source of calcium and magnesium which are vital for bone and teeth development.
• Chamomile tea helps soothe the nerves and may rid children of their stomach pain, abdominal spasms, and indigestion. 
• Perhaps the most popular of its kind, green tea supports the immune system and reduce the risks of forming cavities and having diarrhea.
• Catnip tea is known to calm hyperactive kids and a great alternative cure for fever and colds.

Of course, to ensure that your children will only reap good things from drinking tea, it is essential to remember the following:
• Offer only low-sugar, caffeine-free teas.
• Limit children's intake to one cup a day. For infants, make it only a few drops.
• Prefer to use fruit and herbal tea over regular tea.
• You can mix a bit of honey or milk to your child's tea to improve the taste.

Before, children are discouraged to drink teas for fear that it might hinder them from getting enough nutrients. However, recent studies have revealed that teas can indeed be beneficial for children's health and growth, given that they are drank in moderation.

Article written and submitted by Andrea Lucas. To know where to get quality tea drinks and other beverages, click here.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Warm Weather Weekend

We had a warm weather last weekend so we took the opportunity to take our fur babies for a walk.  My daughter was still sick that time so I went alone.  I took Bolt first, we went around the neighborhood.  I love to take this guy  for a walk because  he just walk beside me unlike Champ who pulls constantly.
When I came back home, I took  Champ and my son came with me.  Mr. Burrito suggested that we should take Champ  in the woods so that's what we did.  It was a great idea actually because  Champ did not offer to   bark or pull, he got busy sniffing deer's  urine and poop hehehe.
Photos were taken by my Samsung Galaxy phone, glad I brought it as I was able to capture of the beautiful day we had.

We had a grand time  in the woods and I am glad that we took the opportunity to go out because now it is cold here again.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Internet is a Blessing

I am so thankful that   Internet existed.  I don't think I would  have  met my husband without it.    The student assistant  at the  Student Affairs Office  introduced me to an online dating site.    She was the one who  created my account/profile as I was very busy back then writing my thesis.

At the last hour of the  free trial for my account, this US Navy guy  sent me a  message and that was the start.  We communicated for  almost six months, got to know each other through chat and phone calls.  Then on March 22, 2003, he decided to visit my country  and met me in person for the first time.

Six months after   his first visit, he came back and we got married and the rest is history.  Internet is a really a blessing for me, I am now married for almost ten years and have two  precious children.
I couldn't imagine my life without Internet.  It is part of my love story.  Here's a photo of me and my husband during our first "real date".

So glad I gave  an online dating a try.  Look what I could have missed if I didn't..   Thanks to my  angel "Ruth" for hooking me a up.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dental Hygiene

February was a dental month.  Ms. Burrito made this tooth photo in school and brought it home.
We had our dental appointment last week. The Burritos and I had our annual oral prophylaxis.  We have to go back there two mire times for the Burrito's teeth filling and for my second cleaning.
Our dentists are Filipinos, they are husband and wife who  owns a dental clinic.  They are  very nice people.  A very humble couple considering  their status, hats off to the Alimarios'!  MY husband goes to  the male dentist and me and the kids  goes to the female dentist.
Our dentist  gave me  three tubes of  toothpaste  for sensitivity.  One of my tooth is very sensitive to cold and hot liquid.

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...