Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is Tea Good for Kids?

Tea is one of the most beloved drinks around the world. Touted to be as energizing as water and as nutritious as any fruit, tea has attracted a lot of attention and have enticed adults and kids alike. While adults are more than encouraged to drink tea for the numerous benefits it provides, many are doubtful of the effects it will have on kids.

Some of the most common concerns of parents regarding tea are the following:
• It contains ingredients that might disrupt a child's sleep.
• It might deplete the iron in the kid's body.
• It might prohibit them from absorbing all the necessary nutrients from the food they eat.

While the above concerns may have real bases, the truth is that they can only take effect if the child is given several cups of pure black tea. For thoroughly-informed and responsible parents, however, that will never be the case.

Teas Are Kid-friendly

Believe it or not, tea actually offers children the same benefits it offers to adults. That means, your kids may gain the following benefits:
• Rooibos tea is a caffeine-free tea that is rich in antioxidants and has a deep, earthy taste. It helps relieve kids with colic and sleeping problems. It is also a good source of calcium and magnesium which are vital for bone and teeth development.
• Chamomile tea helps soothe the nerves and may rid children of their stomach pain, abdominal spasms, and indigestion. 
• Perhaps the most popular of its kind, green tea supports the immune system and reduce the risks of forming cavities and having diarrhea.
• Catnip tea is known to calm hyperactive kids and a great alternative cure for fever and colds.

Of course, to ensure that your children will only reap good things from drinking tea, it is essential to remember the following:
• Offer only low-sugar, caffeine-free teas.
• Limit children's intake to one cup a day. For infants, make it only a few drops.
• Prefer to use fruit and herbal tea over regular tea.
• You can mix a bit of honey or milk to your child's tea to improve the taste.

Before, children are discouraged to drink teas for fear that it might hinder them from getting enough nutrients. However, recent studies have revealed that teas can indeed be beneficial for children's health and growth, given that they are drank in moderation.

Article written and submitted by Andrea Lucas. To know where to get quality tea drinks and other beverages, click here.


  1. This was an excellent article. I was wondering this a few months ago and it slipped my mind.

  2. I BET there will be good benefits of tea for us and for the kids as well, it's a matter of time on how we introduce it with them, without them ends up hating because of the bitter taste and the smell...although there are some nice tea too buy

  3. if it's caffeine free then it might be fine to give it to kids. im not really a tea drinker myself. i do drink coffee though one cup every morning. just to wake myself up completely. :)

  4. i like tea, esp. the husband. sometimes i make my tea very cold (as in putting a lot of cube ices because of the heat here)
    however, thank you for letting me know that i can serve tea to my kids, too.

  5. btw, i jump to comment here instead because i saw that i already commented in your previous post.

  6. We love tea, all kinds and I have always shared teas with my children and grew up drinking them myself. There are thousands of benefits as there are so many varieties!

  7. Wow! I just knew all about this. Tea is indeed so amazing! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

  8. I think tea has plenty of caffeine content?

  9. @ marms
    it probably depends on the tea. some are really strong, while some are really light.

    I used to hate tea when i was younger. My mom would give me cup of hot tea with lemon whenever I was sick, but I didn't like its bitter taste. I'm not sure what happened along the way that made me so addicted to it now. I even pay a few bucks to get a good cup from coffee shops!

  10. Some tea has got caffeine. I believe you just have to check on the caffeine level content and you'll be good to go. Tea has a lot of benefits unlike when you oft for coffee.

    Bumabawi sa pagc-comment dito, Rose. Salamat sa mga dalaw mo sa blogs ko kahit na di kasama sa COMEX, hehe! ;-)

  11. Really? I don't know it! I would try to introduce tea to my kids. It's better than coffee.

  12. It's good to read about this Sis. I would actually prefer ordering iced tea whenever we eat out but I'm more concerned of Bella. She would also want to drink iced tea kaya lang I'm having second thoughts. Buti na lang nabasa ko ito. Thankies!

  13. thank you for this interesting post. I also thought that teas are not ideal for kids but after reading this, I will suggest it for my nieces.


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