Saturday, December 31, 2011

Beneath the Shining Star

First of all I want to wish you all a happy new year.  May God bless us with good health and lots of  blessings in the coming year of the dragon!  This is my last  entry here because I have to return to school in a couple of days.  I will be blogging again (hopefully if Mom permits, during school break).

Below are the photos that my Mom took during our Christmas play at my school.  It was held last December the 14th at our Gymnasium.  The play was called "Beneath the Shining Star", my role was an Inn Keeper.  Kindergarten and  First Graders are the main cast for this play every year.  So this was my last of participation but I am excited  for my brothr next year!
I am always   happy when my family comes to our activities, it makes me perform well.  My  partner was  sick the whole time we were practicing so  I sung most of our part.  The night before  our play, I pray that my friend Gavin will be there  and He  listened to my prayer.
The  kindergarten wore their angel costumes.  I felt so bad for one of them because  she cried the whole time she was at the stage performing.  I think she has a stage fright.
Over all, I love the result of our performance.  Above is my ever kind and supportive teacher, Mrs. Gain.
Thanks to Mrs. Bernardi for patiently teaching us all the songs and to our teachers as well.
Below  are the videos that Mom and Dad recorded.

Yuletide season brings a lot of happiness to a lot of people.

Baby Hats

Children looks adorable when they wear baby hat, don't they?  I remember when my daughter was still small, my sister in law used to make her dresses  with matching hats.
I miss those days,  she used to love wearing hats but  she seldom  do that now that she is a little bigger.
There are toddler hats that you can buy  for your kids at Baby Hat website.  They have  baby hats  for different ages from  new born to  toddlers.  
See how she enjoys wearing hats?  "I am cute don't I?"
If you want to buy some trendy hats for your tots or new born babies, the above mentioned companies has so many selections that you can browse.  I am sure that you will like  their  items as they are really cute.  Boys and girls  hat is available so no matter what gender your baby has, you can get them a really adorable hat at Baby Hats website.

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Day Before Christmas

Hello everyone, how was your Christmas?  My family had a blast with ours.  My brother and I love all the presents that we got.  The day before Christmas eve, I asked Mom if  me and my brother could open even just one gift.  She let me and she also let my brother open the gifts that our dentist gave us.
THe pink dress that I really want in the store was the gift that Mom and Dad gave me.  I was disappointed when we saw it at the mall  because the one that was  available was big for me.  But when Mom and Dad went to the other mall somewhere in Pennsylvania, they saw that is right for my size.
I really love this dress so much.  I wore this when we sung at the church yesterday with my classmates.
We had fun having our photos taken  after we opened the gifts.  Mom and Dad rocks for letting us open some gifts even before Christmas!
I am wishing you all a  happy new year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

eXciting Adventure at Cabela's

Hello again everyone. Before I go to my rehearsal or practice at church, I want to share with you the eXciting trip we did at Cabela's on December 17th . It was our first's visit there aside from Daddy. It was an amazing eXperience for me and my brother, even Mommy enjoyed it so much except that it gave her a migraine due to loud noises (poor Mom, always having a migraine).

I feel like I was inside the jungle or something while I was looking at the different wild animals that I have never seen before. Of course it wasn't real or alive but I'd rather watch it close and not get hurt that watch it far at the zoo.
My Mom took some pictures   at the entrance of the  Cabela's where this huge wood carving   stood so high.
We also saw how  they carve the wood because the guy was  doing it outside the store.  It was fun watching them.
I  have learn a bit about animals after that trip.  I want to go there again sometimes.  It's a long drive from our  house but I liked it!
In behalf of my family, I wish you all a merry Christmas  and   all the best of luck for the coming new year.

I thank you all for  the visits and comments you made on my  blog.  I also thank my Mom for letting me write few articles here while I am on school break.  I love you Mommy!

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