Saturday, November 7, 2015

Summer 2015 Fun Times with Furry Friends

Summer  time is such a fun times for most people.  I know we  are always looking forward to summer because the fun-possibilities is endless.  My kids love it because aside from them  having a break from school, they also get to do things with us outdoors.  We get to visit places sometimes and do  simple things but fun for all of us.
 During their summer break this year, we were able to  visit Hershey Park and the kids had so much fun out there.  We don't let our kids just sit in front of the TV or play computer games but we encourage them to go out and play.  We play with them, we did some long walks (9 miles was the farthest we've walked).
They helped  around the house, in the garden,  and even took  a  small summer  job for our our neighbor taking care of their dogs when they are at work.  This is such a big learning experience for them that taught them responsibility and the  joy of earning a little bit from doing the things that they love.
 These dogs are their furry friends whom they look forward of seeing every time they get the chance to.  They served as their extended family.  I thank our neighbor  for this opportunity that taught them a valuable lesson.  They might not realized the  lesson they have learned but I am so glad that they are doing great.
 As parents, it makes my husband  and I realized that we are raising good responsible kids.  I hope that their sense of responsibility will continue on.
 They don't even care about the  money they get from this "job" because they said that they would do it for free but our neighbor insisted to pay them.
 Their dogs are the best because they are so  gentle with kids.  It seems like they have known our kids   ever since they were pups.
 Kyra and Mandy are just  two of our neighbors four dogs.  It is not actually our neighbors but her  kids  pets.  Whenever they are going somewhere, they ask their Moms to take care of them but since their Mom  is always at work, she asked  our kids to  look after them.
 Their furry friends are such a blessing for my kids.  They love  dogs and they even gave up   our vacation just to keep our dogs when we were not able to find a place for them.
 I am truly thankful to our neighbor, to their dogs, and to our kids who keep me and my husband  inspired to continue  raising our kids the way we are  raising them.
 They actually miss  seeing them.  They wish that they would see them everyday and that makes me very happy.
 I joke at them one time that we should just put our dogs for adoption so that we can go anywhere whenever we want to but they beg  us not to.
 They always have fun when feeding Mandy because she  doesn't stand up when eating.  She lays on the floor and eat.
 Kira is such a sweetheart, she  love being hugged, rubbed, and play with.
Taking care of the dogs are just some of the fun times that they did this summer.  It's one of the  things they will always remember.

It's Time to Have a Talk About Safety with Your Kids

How do you know when it is the right time to have the safety talk with your kids? That’s a trick question. There is no one safety talk to have with your kids. It is a series of talks and lifestyle choices. There is also no singular time to have these talks. Safety is an ongoing concern that starts in the womb. It never stops. That said, here are some of the topics, times, and techniques for these teaching opportunities:

Home Security

Home is where the heart is, and the stereo, and the family jewels, and the computers… In other words, home is the place where you keep your stuff. It is also the place where one should feel most secure. When your child is old enough to understand the value of home, you should start teaching them how to protect it.

Without even explaining what you are doing, you can start a ritual of taking the children with you in the evening as you make your rounds to secure the house. You can even make a game out of it as you lock the front door, the back door, check the windows, and arm the alarm system.

Even bucolic parts of the world like Bend, Oregon need to be protected with the latest security methods. ADT in Bend Oregon is one of the many affordable ways to add extra protection to your home even when you are not there to look after things yourself. Kids are naturally curious. So as you take them on the rounds, they will ask questions. It is a natural teaching opportunity. Basic security will become a part of their ritual that they can pass on to their kids when it is time.

Personal Security

When your children are very small, their personal safety is entirely on you. They have no part to play in it, because there is no part they can play. Before a child can be responsible for their own safety, they have to understand the concept of danger. Once they do, they can begin to take an active role in their own personal security.

When they are old enough to start leaving the house by themselves, they need to already know about thinks like crossing the street. This is the sort of thing you can teach them as you take them on walks when they are young.

They also need to be made aware of the difference between friends and strangers. Teachers, neighbors, friends of the family, police officers: these are the kinds of people they can trust as opposed to people they don’t know. It is a mistake to teach them to trust and obey all adults. That’s the last thing you want them to do. The personal safety of your children begins with them knowing who they can trust. That list should never bee too long.

Data Security

You would think that you could put off conversations about data security until they are in their teens. But that is simply not the case. Data security becomes an issue the moment your kids are old enough to have data that can be exploited. You want them to carry emergency numbers and the home address with them at all times in the even they wander off and get lost. But you also need them to know how and when to use that information so that it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Once they have an email address and the ability to text message, they likely carry enough personal data for your family identify to be stolen and exploited by thieves. Their smartphone that they are most certainly going to lose at some point needs to have fingerprint unlock, preferably even something with encryption strong enough that even the government can’t break in.

Home security, personal security, and data security are the main topics of the security discussion you need to have with your kids. Just remember that discussion is ongoing, and probably should have already started by now.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015 with Friends

For the past couple of years, Halloween is rainy and cold.  I am so thankful that we had such a beautiful day yesterday for trick or treating.  A friend of ours  invited us to trick or treat with their kids at their neighborhood.  We thought that  it would be great  for the kids  to trick or trick together since they are very close.  Before we went there, the kids wanted  our  very good neighbors to  see them first.  
 We met at their home and left our car there.  We have never gone trick or treating in this area so the kids were very excited.  We used to go to my father-in-law's area because we  get together with the family after trick or treating but now that he doesm't live there anymore, it was a perfect iming that we got invited.  
 Here's Maddie Hatter and Mal from Descendants.
 My sin is best friends with  her partner so they were very excited to do this tgether.
 It was a great excercise for us because we did a lot of  uphill walking.
 Our friend  made some chicken soup and chicken sandwiches  so we stayed  for a couple of hours after they did trick or treating.  This is their first dinner together.
 After we had dinner, they had fun doing wii fit.  It's a great way to burn those sweets they consumed.
 The only hard part in coming to their house is when it's time to leave.  The kids don't want to go home.  They asked us if they can sleep over but it  wasn't possible since  they had to  serve at the altar  the next morning.
We were all exhausted.  I did not wake up until 8:20.  Glad the time fell back to daylight savings time.  We had so much fun spending time with our friends.  The kids said that it's one of best Halloween ever.

Youth Leadership Graduation

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