Saturday, March 12, 2022

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

The Madonna High School had their induction ceremony for the newest members of the Monsignor Murphy Chapter  of National Honor Society on March 10th.
Although I worked at a catholic school before I came here, we didn't have this kind of ceremony there.  We had recognition each year but National Honor Society is something very new to me.  Glad our daughter is one of the inductees, I get to experience it too.  

The program started with the procession of the inductees, then the lighting of different candles which includes knowledge, character, service, and leadership.  Afterwards the history and emblem were explained.  

Hubby and our son came home after the ceremony so we didn't get to take photos with them at the school.

I got to take pictures  when the ceremony was over.

The senior members received their cords to use for graduation.
The newly inductees:
  • Vanessa Alatis - Senior
  • Luke Amaismeier - Junior
  • Anthony Arnold - Junior
  • Rylie Cottrill - Junior
  • Elizabeth Elias - Junior
  • Lily Harbin - Junior
  • Benjamin Jasko - Junior
  • Theo Mehillis - Junior
  • Isabella Pulice - Senior
  • Mackenzie Sargeant - Junior
  • Olivia Shafer - Junior
  • Luke Sweat - Junior
  • Juliana Velegol - Junior
  • Julia Winget - Junior
A friend offered to take a picture of me and my daughter.
We took oine as a family when daughter and I came home.
So what exactly  the benefits for getting into the National Honor Society.  This article explained it really well.  It basically opens some opportunities for you in getting geared up for college.  You get to be part of an organization and participate to conferences and other activities.

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