Friday, December 20, 2013

Parenting is Continous Learning Process

Ms. Burrito   made this village from cut out  pictures.  According to her, this is  the simpler version of living in the olden days.  I asked why the houses looks a bit modern instead of Tipees.  She said that  it's the time when the  natives are starting to adopt the modern way of  building houses.

Whenever my kids bring  projects that they did in school, I always ask them questions just to know t if they learn something from what they did.  Most of the times, I am surprised to  learn a lot of things  from what they tell me.  Parenting is really a continuous learning process isn't it?

Relaxed and Lavish Living

I have mentioned in one of my blogs that my husband  has been wanting a new set of living room  set to replace our current one.  I agree that having a a relaxed and lavish living is a must if you want an enjoyable   stay  at your own haven.  I want a sleek look this one I  found at FutonBed.  For now, this would be so impossible because I have two  very active kids who is constantly doing stuff and  organizing and keeping your home spotless all the time is almost impossible.  
My father-in-law has  a  sofa bed that me and the kids used to sleep in when we first came back here  from Korea.  We stayed at my Dad's for   few weeks before moving in completely to our home  just so we could  spend quality time with him.  Since then, our children are wishing for our own sofa bed.  I love this Alpha Sofa Sleeper Diego at  FutonBed.  The color and the style is exquisite.  I must admit, it would be nice to have one  because there are nights that I work late on my  online stuff and I don't want to wake  my husband when I go to our bed.  It would be nice to just spend the rest of the night on the sofa sleeper.

I am hoping that one day, hubby and I could afford to buy all the things that we WANT our kids to enjoy at home.  For now, priorities of budget is a must in order to make ends meet.  I mean, we are not hurting but we can't really afford to buy the things that we want.  Our budget is just enough to pay for our NEEDS.  I am fine with that because I'd rather have nothing and not worry about debts than  having everything but  you are buried in debt.  Well, I hope I make sense with my  thoughts here folks.  Advance Merry Christmas to all!

Barbie Party

Ms. Burrito  is not very fond of  playing dolls but lately, she has been doing stuff with her barbie dolls.  She makes foods and  dresses  and make  her Barbies have a party.  I let the photos talk, she tool all these shots by herself..

Here are the foods that the Barbie have feasted on.

She also made a video of this party on what the Barbie are ta;king about but I could not locate what  folder I  downloaded it to.  She's been into  making  dough  by mixing flour and other ingredients.  I wll show you the foods she made of of the dough sometime.

Home Insulation

Our home was built around the 50s which is   kind of old so to speak.  A lot of  home  improvement is needed.  We undertook some  renovations here and there but we are kind of getting tired of it.  Hubby and I are thinking  of buying a piece of land and  hire a company to build a new house if our finances would let us.  One of the  few  home improvements that  we did  is putting an insulation at the attic as the ones there were old and disintegrating when we bought the house. The insulation of this home is not  that good as we can hear noises outside.   We want a Home Insulation so when Winter rolls around, our home will stay warm.
This is how our home looked like when we first bought it.  Below is what it looks like now after we  built a new front porch.    Having a new home  is our long term  goal.  We are  tired of dealing with constant updates  and  problems that arises in this home that we bought  7 years ago.
The good thing about building a new home is you can   have it the way you want it to.  You can even  have a  government grants for solar if you want to go green but you have to  pay attention with the  Green Deal Scheme to avoid  any conflict later on.  

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...