Friday, December 20, 2013

Home Insulation

Our home was built around the 50s which is   kind of old so to speak.  A lot of  home  improvement is needed.  We undertook some  renovations here and there but we are kind of getting tired of it.  Hubby and I are thinking  of buying a piece of land and  hire a company to build a new house if our finances would let us.  One of the  few  home improvements that  we did  is putting an insulation at the attic as the ones there were old and disintegrating when we bought the house. The insulation of this home is not  that good as we can hear noises outside.   We want a Home Insulation so when Winter rolls around, our home will stay warm.
This is how our home looked like when we first bought it.  Below is what it looks like now after we  built a new front porch.    Having a new home  is our long term  goal.  We are  tired of dealing with constant updates  and  problems that arises in this home that we bought  7 years ago.
The good thing about building a new home is you can   have it the way you want it to.  You can even  have a  government grants for solar if you want to go green but you have to  pay attention with the  Green Deal Scheme to avoid  any conflict later on.  


  1. it is a great way to learn few things about renovating our own home if it needs to replace to save.

  2. I love you house sis! The design is to earthy and homey! And it's really good to build your own home than move into one because you can check the materials to be used and even gauge their quality.

  3. It's a great makeover and the house looks much fresher after.


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