Friday, December 20, 2013

Parenting is Continous Learning Process

Ms. Burrito   made this village from cut out  pictures.  According to her, this is  the simpler version of living in the olden days.  I asked why the houses looks a bit modern instead of Tipees.  She said that  it's the time when the  natives are starting to adopt the modern way of  building houses.

Whenever my kids bring  projects that they did in school, I always ask them questions just to know t if they learn something from what they did.  Most of the times, I am surprised to  learn a lot of things  from what they tell me.  Parenting is really a continuous learning process isn't it?


  1. It really is. This is a great project. I love seeing my kids learn new things and learning with them.

  2. this is really wonderful, how your kids knows a little bit of life in such a young age.

  3. that i such a cute diorama... very creative.

  4. How creative! Yes I have learned a lot from my kids over the years! Parenting is truly a learning process whether from life itself or your children..

  5. I agree, sometimes it amazes how they take the world "as is". Something I really should do - stop stressing.


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