Monday, December 9, 2013

In Style Scrubs

Do you still remember  back in the days when you visit any   medical facility,  medical  professionals are wearing white uniforms/scrubs?  Gone are those  days because professionals in the medical field wear  fashionable scrubs nowadays.  A friend of mine works at a hospital and their  scrubs are pretty good looking.  With so many companies offering  different style and designs of scrubs, you can never go wrong in choosing your own style.
women's scrub tops
How about you, do you have a family who works in a medical field?  What style of scrubs do they wear?  I  personally think that wearing stylish scrubs can somehow boost the morale of those people who  works  at any medical facility but that is just my thought, I might be wrong.  I know that when you are wearing  comfortable clothing to do your job, it  promotes your productivity so  having a stylish and comfortable one  could  boost productivity even more, don't you think?

Building Your Family, the LEGO Style

This post brought to you by LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine.

Holiday  season is now in full swing and  I bet that most of us are planning what to  cook , what gifts to get, or busy planning for the  special occasion.  .  If you are a parent  like me  who have kids who love to have  fun all the time,   I am sure that you are familiar with LEGO.  You can  basically build anything with LEGO,  including your family.  To add cheer to the holidays, LEGO  introduces us to an exciting way making our  holiday cards through offering an online tool   in creating  a  LEGO Minifigure Family.  You can  customize it  according to your liking.   The application is very easy to use with a lot  of  options to choose from.  You can customize each family from head to toe.  Here's our family holday card that I make.  What do you think?
Having LEGO at home is  so much fun not only for the kids but for us, parents as well.  It  sparks creativity and it enhances  your brain's level of thinking.  I know for sure  what to get when my son is  getting antsy and  wants to bounce off the the walls.  I  would pull out the box that we have that is  full of LEGO pieces and the boredom   will quickly vanish.  How about you, do you have  LEGO at home?  How about giving it a try  to create your  family holiday card?  Come on, it's easy and it's fun!
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