Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kids, You've Been Good This Year! Personalized Books from iSeeMe #ProductReview

Our kids have been so good in school.  We are very happy that they are  thriving so well and have good grades.  I can say that being a stay-at-home-mom really help them a lot because  hubby and I guide them through.  My kids are like night and day.  My daughter love to  sit and study but my son is  the opposite.  I used to  be strict on him but I realized that  all I am doing is  damage his confidence so I let him do whatever he needs to do and  not worry about it.  The result is amazing even though he doesn't study as much as his sister does.  It's not as  perfect as his sister but still a straight A student so I am so proud of both of  our kids.   
To reward their  best efforts in school, I am putting up a good Christmas basket for them fir all the hard work they do in school.  One of those  nice things I am including are personalized books from I See Me.
For our daughter, I got her the  "Night Before Christmas"  and for our son, it's the "A Christmas Bear for Me".  MY kids love anything personalized.  They always say that they will keep and take good care of it so they can pass  it down to their own kids someday.  That always makes me happy that they think that way.
My son has always something in his  hand when he goes to bed.  Things that he likes like car or his favorite Lego that he build or stuff like that.   I think that this book,  A Chrsitmas Bear for Me, will be perfect for him because it came with a little soft bear that he can hold on to when he goes to sleep. 
I really love iSeeMe's books because of the personalization.  You can customized it with names and dedications.
The illustration on these books are awesome.  Nothing can make  a child very happy to see their names on the book, people that they know and care about.
This would really make my son very happy.  To be able to see his name in every page of the book is magical.  
He would flip to see this  note from Santa Claus.  He will think that is so cool.
I know that my  daughter is a little older for this kind of book but she always   appreciates  this things.  She loves customized gifts just like her brother.  They are both like me as I love personalized gifts as well.  My Night Before Chrsitmas book would make her day.  It has the names of her friends ans I included her photo with her  guinea pig, Dunkin on the first page.
I really love that you can customize these books.  You can  put your place,  your pets, friends., and family
I wish I have  these kind of books when I was a kid.   would have been thrilled!
If you want to consider giving these  great books for your children this Christmas, now is the time to get them.  You can enjoy a 20% discount  through using coupon code IMAGINATION at the checkout.  

The school is celebrating Spirit Week this week so they get to   enjoy  days without wearing uniform depending on the them  for the day.  Today is Disney It Up day so they wore their Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirts.  My son actually has no Mickey mouse shirt so what I did is print out  a MM image and  put it in his shirt  with the little help from labeling supplies.  

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own

My Husband's Childhood Home

This is the last picture I took of Dad with my husband and  kids at his house.  He no longer lives at his house because   he was getting to the point where we can no longer trust him living alone.  It makes me sad to see  Dad  go downhill that way.  He  is such a great father-in-law and I miss that about him.  I am not sure what condition he has but he can't remember who we are anymore.  He think and act like a child most of the times.
 My husband suggested to his  sublings that they should put him in a home but  my SIL did not like the idea.  So now that Dad can no longer live alone, she is taking care of him now at her house.  I commend my sister-in-law for doing because I would have done the same thing if he is my Dad.  In fact, I  wanted to do it  but  they did not let me.  .
We feel so sad on Fridays when we take our kids to piano lessons in Marland Heights.  We used to visit him at his house on that day but now, we no longer  go to his house because  it makes my husband really sad to see his childhood  home where he grew up, filled with emptiness.  I am not sure what they are going to do with the house but I think my niece in law will be living there now that Dad is living with my SIL.  

Youth Leadership Graduation

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