Friday, July 20, 2018

School Olympics 2018 Part 2

As I have mentioned in my  previous post, the school olympics was divided into two parts.  The first part was the non-competition part where  the bigger kids  enjoy a variety of games while the little kids are competing inside the gymnasium.  The second part for the  bigger kids are the actual competition and the group  competition toward the end.
My son was very worried about the  long jump because he have never done it before.  We told him to just enjoy  the game and   do the best he can.  I mean it doesn't really matter but I guess for the kids, it is a big deal to do  really well especially that their parents are watching.
My daughter is a  a happy go lucky gal, she just compete to have fun.  She doesn't really care if she win or lose.  Most of the times, she loses but I like the fact that it doesn't bother her.  This is the last year that my daughter is participating to the games, next year they will be the facilitators and helpers.  I can't believe she will be in 8th grade already, my oh my, where did the time go?  I can still remember so vividly when I first drop her off to school  when she was in kindergarten.  I felt so sick of leaving her there, I wanted to hurl when I got home.
My son will be in 6th grade this year so  he still have a couple of years before he goes to Madonna High School.  Tuition fee is getting so  expensive but we are happy to send them to a place where we think is best for them not only  for their  educational  growth but  spiritually and socially.  
The tug of war is always the fun game.  It's funny seeing parents cheer on their   kids.  This year,  girls  competed versus boys and the girls dominated which is not surprising because the  girls outnumbered the boys.
Instead of giving out certificate to the winners, they gave out  candy bars  which I thought was  a  great surprise.  My son said, he preferred  certificates as he can keep them but I told him that he can enjoy the sweets!

They have  a lot of  games such as marshmallow toss,  relay race, sack race, 50 meter dash, and a lot more.
I think my son was very happy of his performance.  He shared the candies he collected for winning with us.
My daughter was so surprised that she won something.  They won the relay race.
It was another year of fun for all of the  students, teachers, parents, family, and friends.  I wish my Mom could watch my children play the  school olympics.  It would be  different next year.  I am feeling a bit sad already thay  daughter will be  in highschool soon.  I am not sure why I am  feeling this way but I think it has to do with the fact that she  is slowly transforming into a  different person, not the little girl anymore that I used to take pictures of no matter what she does.  Now, I have to ask permission to take picture of her and for  posting it ha ha.  Oh well, part of growing up.

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