Friday, April 29, 2016

Practicing Tennis

Our kids have shown interest in tennis since last year so we promised them that we would enrol them this year.  The Spring season was opened  last week so we went there to see if they would like to play.  As it turned out, they are both interested.  However, it is only opened for 4th and upper grades  so we can only enrol  our daughter.  The coaches   were nice to  have our son practice though.  
We went to Starvaggi tennis court last Saturday and practice with them.  We have two old tennis rackets here that my husband called "vintage" and we used it.  
I love that  they are starting to find the sports that they like.  I told my son that it is okay that he is not  officially  registered this year because of his grade but the good thing is, he will be prepared next year as  he practices with his sister this year.
Rylie and her friend will have tennis matches next month do they  have practices every Wednesday.   They are nervous about it as they have never played before but  we told them to just enjoy the experience.  They will get better as they get older.
The weather is getting warmer so both kids goes in the school parking lot and practices  hitting the ball there.  They even met two kids from the neighborhood who  played with them the other day.  
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Even though, it is an added expense to play in sports, we don't really mind as it is a great physical exercise and development for them. Teamwork and camaraderie are the biggest lessons they are learning by playing sports like this with other kids.  This is better for them rather than staying at home and playing with their gadgets.  

Music Room

We went to our new home yesterday and brought some stuff. We are slowly bringing some small things there so that during our big move, all we have to bring is the big stuff. My daughter have asked us where are we putting the piano and keyboard that they have. She suggested to put it in the room where I am setting up my office but that room is not  big enough for an office and music room.   We  don't really have a  specific room to  use as a music room but I was thinking of  putting it in the living room  We will see how it goes when we move.  Looking at these jbl vrx at Music's Friend, I am thinking of replacing our speakers but  since it  is not on the budget yet, we can still use the old ones that we have.  Maybe in a year or two, we can  buy new ones.  

Youth Leadership Graduation

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