Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Photo Solution with Photo Fairy

Taking photos is something that I enjoy doing  even though I have no professional  training for it.  When I was a kid, we never had a camera nor   photos of us so I told myself that if ever I would have kids of my own, I will definitely take photos of every moment so that they will have  reference to how they look like, what did we do as family, and all that sort of family stuff.  Within 12 years, I have taken thousands of photos of my kids and  compiled them in photo albums. I know that digital is the new thing now in storing photos but I still order prints once in a while when I find good deals online because it is something that the kids  can have when they have their own family.  

I have some new  printed ones that I have to arrange in albums but I ran out of albums so I will be working on that soon.
I find an interesting concept today in ordering your photos.  You know that monthly subscription that you can do with food,  beauty products, lingerie, and other things, well there is one for photos too.  It is called the Photo Fairy.  Life gets in the way sometimes and you keep  forgetting to order your  photos.  So even though, you already planned to have some   photo printed, it is not happening because you got busy and forgot about it.  Well, not anymore if you  sign up at  They will connect to your Facebook,  pick your best photos and print them to send to you.  You will never have to forget them again as it will be delivered to you monthly.  Pretty cool isn't it?  It cost $5 for monthly subscription.  You get 10 photos  for that and $.50 cents for additional ones.  You can check out more of the details by visiting the link.  

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