Monday, July 1, 2013

KidzGear Headphones, It's All About The Colors!

As I have mentioned before, my kids goes to a private Catholic school where we have to pay tuition fees, books, and other things.  We also have to provide  things that they need inside the classroom as the school doesn't get full funding from the government.

Kidz Gear HomeLast school year, we bought each of them  a pair of head phones  for their computer classes and  the ones that we bought did not last very long.   I am so thankful that KidzGear has sent me two of their high quality headphones.  These headphones are built for kids but with   an adult performance.    I love the packaging as it ensures that it the headphones won't get damage while in transit.

They sent me two headphones (pink and blue colors),  two carry bags, and a stereo headphone splitter cable.  They are very excited to open the package when it arrived because I told  them  that it's for them.  Can you tell how excited my Burritos are?

It's funny when I told them that they can use it so they will  get to experience  it's performance before they take  it to the school. They were like "Oh Yeah!"  I should have get these for them  before so I don;'t have to hear the "Mom, EJ talks so much" lol.  Now that they have  each a pair, they can watch their  show silently.

But wait, how come the little boy is still  going through sissy's?  Oh, he was just checking if they have the same functionality.  They love it that they can adjust the volume of the headphones.  

KidzGear's headphones are available in different colors.  You can buy the head phone for $19.99 each, headphone carry bag for 5.99, and the stereo headphone splitter cable for 5.99.  Or if you want to save, you can buy two headphones and get a free splitter cable.

Thank you so much Kidzgear.  Now, hubby and I can watch  TV  and the kids can watch their own in silence.
Visit the site through the link above and get your kids the headphones that they can use for a long time. It's colorful, it's functional, and it's affordable!

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