Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mom Wooden Sign

 This is what my daughter got me during their Secret Santa Shopping in school.

She said   for me to open it up as soon as she brought it home.  I told her that I will wait till Christmas but she said   to just open  it, so I did and my heart  melted.

Daughter and I are not the best of friends because I am very strict compared to  my husband.  I am grateful that she still think highly of me even when I am constantly on her butt about things lol.  Love you Anak!

School Activities

We went to the hospital last night.  The choir at my children's school got invited to sing to a  Christmas party there.  The first grade was not invited to sing but I signed up my son anyway because the last time    my daughter sang, he was bummed  out.  I am glad that the music  teacher  included my son this time.  They were very  happy  proud of what they did last night.

As a parent, it makes me feel so  overjoyed  seeing my kids  so active in school activities.  Last week, I helped facilitating the Secret Santa Shop for kids in the school and so glad that I was there as I captured the photo below.  My daughter was chosen by her teacher to represent their class   for the charity work they did.  A photographer from a local newspaper came and took their photo which will be publised in a  newspaper.

I h ope that  our kids would continue to do good in all their school endeavor.

Youth Leadership Graduation

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