Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Take Your Children to Work" Day

My husband works at Industrial Scientific, the leading provider of gas detection service and portable gas detectors.  I love that they are  family -oriented and that they value each   employee and their families.  Every year, they host  a "Take Your Children to Work" day to commemorate the Workers Memorial Day.
Workers Memorial Day is celebrated to  remember those workers who  have suffered and died on the job.  Industrial Scientific  aims to  educate  the children  of what the company stands for and  the importance of the services and products that they provide to people and companies.  This event also gives the children a glimpse of what their parents do on a day to day basis.
My husband  showed the kids all the different kinds of gas detectors.  The company building is humongous.  They used to have different offices but  now they have a new building built where they can all work together as a whole.
Before we went to the orientation area, my husband  took us to the  place where he works and we met some of his co-workers.
The registration was on the top of the building.  Every child was given a gift pack, snacks, and  materials that they need  during the sessions.  Before the activities   starts, the CEO   did a speech and ask questions  where the children  are encourage to participate.  It was nice.
Our children was not interested in attending last year but this year, they were definitely on board.
The set-up in the lobby reminds me of Google Complex, it's very modern.
Just by sitting in the lobby, you will learn what the company is all about  because they have a huge TV and it  displays   all about the  mission, vision, and services of Industrial Scientific.
Parents were  not allowed to be with the children so my husband gave me a tour inside the building.  It also gave me  a chance to take photos where it is allowed.
I was trying to  sneak and see what the children were up to.  I can't help but take some  photos where they at.
Every child was given a clip board and  the people in charge   posted   clues  or  situation on the wall and  they have to evaluate whether the situation is safe or not.
I am glad that  both of our children were  participating, they learned new things and they also have the chance to  be with other children.
After all the activities, the answers of every child  was tabulated by a group of IT's and their scores are displayed on the white board  on the lobby.  The highest score is 42 and both  of them got it.
It was a  special day  not just for  our children but for all of us.  The kids said that they will definitely  attend again  next year if given a chance.  I am grateful for  the  company for hosting this event.

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