Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Newspaper Clippings

I save every newspaper clippings of my children and include them in their scrapbooks.  I want them to remember all the activities they have participated in school  when they are older.  These are just few of them.  
How about you, do you cut newspaper with your children's activities?  These are some things that I want my kids to remember about me and not just a strict  Mom lol.

The Corrs

Corrs members.jpg
I always admire families  that are gifted with music just like The Corrs.  These four Irish siblings  is one of my favorite artists of all time. I love their songs and the fact that they can play different kinds of music instrument like  the yamaha drum set, violin, guitar, piano, keyboards and all others.  I wonder if both of their parents are  musical talented as well because they are all  very god artists.  Below is the video of their song Breathless, onle of my favorites of their songs.

Grades of my Burritos

My kids came home  last Friday with their  report cards.  Both of them have excellent grades which makes me very happy.  All that extra time  of studying with them is worth every minute.  Below is Ms. Burrito's grades/ratings for the second  grading.

The little man is doing great as well.  I am now at peace that my son would do as good as his sister does.  He just don't have that drive that she has but with me and my husband's guidance and help, he will  do very good (I hope).

Our son wants to be tested for the gifted program as well but I am not sure if he is ready for it.

Dance Moms

As much as I object for my 8 year old to watch  the TV show, Dance Moms, I can't because she like watching those girls dance.  So I what I would do is hold the remote and fast forward it whenever the Moms are having too much drama.  The latest episode showed where the group has to portray a diva attitude like Myley Cyrus so they have a microphonle  props.  I am sure that it wasn't the royer microphones at Guitar Center but they did a pretty good job in portraying the roles.

Simple Celebration

Our little man had a very simple birthday celebration.  Ever since he started going to school, we have been  bringing snacks at his  classroom instead of hosting a party at home.  Our neighbors (Howells and Fanchers) make his day extra special.  The homeroom Mom of the first grade also prepared something little for him which is really sweet!

We let him pick what he want for  his birthday.  He got a walkie talkie.  We  asked him if he wants and iPod as he was jealous of her sisters but he said he  changed his mind.

Music School

The Music teacher at my children's school sees something special at our daughter.  She said that Ms. Burrito has a rare talent and that she encouraged us to send her to  a different music school if we want  her to learn the proper way.  She told us that she will be contacting people  that she knows at Carnegie University to help our daughter out.  I just hope that it isn't something very expensive and we can't afford it.  I am sure that we won't be needing a   cheap amps at musicians friend but I am worried that  it is expensive.  Oh well, everything happens for a reason, right?
Her Music Teacher and Friends after the Christmas Mass

Youth Leadership Graduation

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