Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Simple Celebration

Our little man had a very simple birthday celebration.  Ever since he started going to school, we have been  bringing snacks at his  classroom instead of hosting a party at home.  Our neighbors (Howells and Fanchers) make his day extra special.  The homeroom Mom of the first grade also prepared something little for him which is really sweet!

We let him pick what he want for  his birthday.  He got a walkie talkie.  We  asked him if he wants and iPod as he was jealous of her sisters but he said he  changed his mind.


  1. nice of them, simple and memorable is what we always wanted for our kids to remember.

  2. That's what am planning to do for my daughter if she will celebrate her birthday. The only problem her birthday falls on Summer. Belated Happy to Mr. Burrito, sis.

  3. Good boy, choosing walkie talkie over ipad but this also makes him more imaginative while playing with the walkie talkie.

  4. He is such a sweet guy - I wanted what gift he wanted instead? Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy birthday to the handsome young man! Come to think of it, a walkie talkie is a lot cooler!


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