Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Newspaper Clippings

I save every newspaper clippings of my children and include them in their scrapbooks.  I want them to remember all the activities they have participated in school  when they are older.  These are just few of them.  
How about you, do you cut newspaper with your children's activities?  These are some things that I want my kids to remember about me and not just a strict  Mom lol.


  1. Nice idea... might actually do that all I have to do is compile them up...

  2. I'm sure you'd all love to look on these clippings when they are older.

  3. My sisters son used to cut those magazines, using newspaper is not our habit, so no newspapers to be vut.ahehehe

  4. I actually keep the whole gazette. :)

    Your kids look nice in their casual clothing and Ms. Burrito looks like a cutie angel in her dress.

  5. Sure! I have cuts out and scrapbooks of their activities and outings. I still sit and look through sometimes and and marvel at it all.

  6. That is so nice mommy you get to save them. It is wonderful for them to have something to look at and remember someday when they get older. That would be a wonderful gift mommy when they get old and start their own family. You give them their scrapbook during their childhood days. :)

  7. I wasn't able to get their baby newspaper clipping when it was announced. That is so cool that the kids are active outside school activities!

  8. my son is always telling me i'm a pack rat because i save all his school accomplishments


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