Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grades are In and I am a Proud Momma!

My Burritos  took home their report cards last weekend and I couldn't be more proud of what they showed me.  Even though my daughter has  extra  activities going on in school due to the gifted program that she  is in, her grades are still excellent.  

I was worried  for my son going in to the first grade  at the beginning  because he is not like my daughter who would sit down and  study lessons.  He likes to goof around which sometimes frustrates me because I want  him to do good in school just like his sister does.  I was really impressed when he showed me his grades though.  It was funny because he said "Sorry Mom if my grades are not as high as Ate (his sister)" but when I opened it, I hugged him tight and said "You're as excellent as your sister, so don't ever feel bad about your grades".  That being said, hubby and I are  proud parents for these smarty Burritos.  

I would like to thank Bluewater Road Kids Design for sending my precious Burritos two customized tees. My daughter was excited to be writing once again at her blog as some of you might know, I don't let her blog when the school is going on but since she love the tee so much, I let her do the review for that one.

I know that some of you might have started scouting for things that you want to get for your love ones for Christmas as the season of giving is fast approaching. You might want to consider getting customized tees for your kiddos just like the ones that my Burritos are wearing. You can check out Bluewater Road Kids Design in Pinterest and on Etsy Shop. They have pretty and cute designs for girls and absolutely cool designs for boys.

 Just look at how my Pinch Proof Prince is smiling wearing his tee.   I wish that I could have got him a shirt with his name on it as well because he  likes  his sister's tee and said "I wish mine has  my name on it too".  The good thing is that, he has a shirt already that he can use on St. Patrick's Day.  I love the material that  they use for these tees , they are soft which is super comfy for the  delicate skin of children.

Thank you so much once again to the  owner of Bluewater Road Kids Design, Ms. Caroline for  giving us an opportunity to showcase  their products.   To you Mom and Dads out there, these tees are  great  gifts for any special occasion especially this Christmas.  So check them out!

Disclaimer:  The authors of this blog did not received any monetary compensation in writing the review.  The products mentioned above were provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a painful part of every man’s and even some women’s lives. It happens to a lot of us eventually and while there are some things we can do about it, there are also some situations where you’re pretty much just stuck. Here are five causes of hair loss and what you can do about them, if anything. If nothing else you can at least be warned its coming.

Male Pattern Baldness

There is simply very little you can do about this. It’s a part of your genetic code. As little as most men like it it’s something you have to face up to. Feel free to contact or similar to find some temporary solutions to hair thinning eventually you will have to accept it. That being said, there’s no reason not to hold onto your hair as long as possible.


Dealing with too much at once can quite quickly impact your hair. Being under severe physical strain like surgery can do the job, as can severe emotional stress like dealing with job shifts or severe family issues. Any measures to increase hair density can be used to delay hair loss just long enough to correct your stress issues but if it starts falling out, step one is relax.

Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency

If you’re not getting things you need the hair is one of the things that will suffer quickly. If you don’t have enough of certain things in your body your hair becomes brittle, fragile and breakable and this is a serious problem. Buy some multivitamin supplements or see a doctor and figure out exactly what you need more of. If you don’t like pills it might be time to think about changing your diet a little. This is one cause of hair loss you can do something about.


Many kinds of pill can cause damage to hair follicles. Technically this is called telogen effluvium, a rapid shedding of the hair when hairs shift from a growth phase to a resting phase and then fall out when new hairs grow. This can’t be helped, after all you need to take your pills, but if they’re only temporary you can use hair loss solutions as a stopgap until the course is past.

Playing With it

A lot of people habitually run their hands through their hair, or simply pull on it when stressed or bothered. This is a good nervous habit but when the hair is being messed with or damaged it can end in falling out. Keep your hands out of your hair for a while and it should be as simple as that for most people. It can be a hard habit to break, but baldness if harder.

Modern medicine has cures for almost everything, but even what it doesn’t there are things you can do with a healthy lifestyle and a little care. Worst case scenario, you get a couple of years of extra hair, best case, you get to keep it.

Shirts That Go

I was given an opportunity to receive two  items from Shirts That Go for review.  Mr. Burrito  love them!  My son has an obsession over trains, planes, cars and any machinery.  He was  excited when he saw the designs of his new shirts.

He look goofy on the photos  (that's what he does when I take pictures of him lol) but he  truly liked his new shirts.  He even wish he can wear it to school to show his  friends but unfortunately, they wear uniform so it is not possible.  Maybe on the day when they have  free dress (end of the month), I would let him wear it.

If you have a little boy like mine, you may want to consider  getting him some customized shirts like these if  they are into  engines and vehicles.  Shirts That Go has different   designs including the seasonal one which is the Ski Lift T-Shirt.  They currently have 30 designs to choose from.

My son like it because the shirt not only have  cool designs that he likes but it is also very soft as it is made from a cotton cloth material.  The categories that you can choose from when  selecting designs includes trucks and buses, military and coastguards, construction, trains, classics, fire and rescue, and tractors.  They offer discounts too if you a order  more than one shirt and oh, all orders comes with FREE shipping, so  check them out .

Thank you Shirts That Go for the opportunity to work with you.  My son wishes he could have each of the designs when I showed him your website.  I think I made a  mistake in showing him  that   lol.  Before I end this review, let me share this Calorie Pilot App that you can try if you are into monitoring or tracking your calorie intake.

Disclaimer:  The author/s of this blog  did not receive monetary compensation in writing the review.  The products mentioned were provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

The Benefits of Getting an MBA

By pursuing an MBA degree, a successful candidate can truly attain several benefits not just for his or her personal development but for their professional career too. For one, they can get additional knowledge concerning business as well as a wide variety of relevant aspects. Business schools and MBA programs usually teach business strategies and concepts, in reality and in theory.   Additionally, since an MBA course usually includes internship and training in certain firms, a student will definitely learn to utilize his or her skills in the course of everyday business operations and in reality. 

A coop MBA program, like Laurier University’s Coop MBA program, enhances the leadership skills of a student due to the rigorous training involved. In addition to the training, the reports, assignments, group projects and presentations given will enable students utilize their skills in dealing with business situations in a similar manner to what happens in real life. By developing this ability, the leadership and expertise in a student's chosen field is promoted. 

A vital benefit gained from a coop MBA program involves the network of business relations formed by a student with his or her classmates. The associations formed in the course of studying an MBA course are perceived as valuable resources that can continue even after the student graduates from the program.  Such extensive MBA networks can be consulted by graduates in case they need advice and can assist them in their relocation issues as well as search for employment. 

Once a student has earned an MBA degree, particularly from a prestigious business school, he or she will definitely get several employment offers from top companies. It is said that investment banks and consulting firms offer the best-paying employment opportunities to those who have just graduated with coop MBA degrees. Despite the MBA market experiencing a slowdown in 2003, consulting companies and investment banking firms are on the lookout for MBAs on campus again, particularly during recruiting seasons. 

Not to be forgotten of course, is the huge wages that an individual can get from holding an MBA degree. According to several surveys, MBA starting salaries have been on the rise in recent years, including signing bonuses; with the trend being global. For instance, one survey showed that in 2005 there was a 10% increase in the average salary and bonus for newly graduated MBA holders at $114,000. This rate of salary broke the record back in 2001. 

In case someone's career path does not fit perfectly to his or her interests and aptitudes, one of the benefits of pursuing an MBA program is that it enables them to explore their options flexibly. It also provides one with the required training for those wishing to change their careers. Another advantage is that one can use his or her education to start they own business venture.  If someone is interested in starting a business but does not possess the required expertise to launch it, an MBA can be of immense help. It can prepare someone to do everything including acquiring venture capital, writing a business plan or even launching an IPO. 

Article written by Michael Phillips

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bluewater Road Kids Tees

Hello my  finest friends in blogging world.  It has been a while since  my  MoM let me  write in this blog.  I have been  busy  since the school started especially now that  I am into the  gifted program.  Mom thought that it would affect my grades but for me it is just the  same, I can not tell any difference except the extra cool and fun  things that we do when we go to my  special class.   My teacher in the  gifted program pulls me and one of my classmates every Thursday to have our  class  for   one hour.  I love it because we get to do  things that we do not normally do in our classroom.  Right now, we are studying about Canada and  did a project where we have to create an animal  that is made  up of different things.  It is pretty cool.  I am also  excited  because we are having a field trip  on the 7th of November and that would be my very first time to go. I think my Mom would blog about that so I will just leave  the details to her.

Anyway, I was  literally jumping up and down when my Mom said that she has something especial for me and that  she would let me write about it.  I am very happy to see a  tee with my name on it, I love it!

The owner of Bluewater Road Designs was very  generous to  provide me and my brother   personalized shirts to review.  I will be reviewing  my tee only though.  I have a beautiful  personalized birthday glitter t-shirt.  This t-shirt is great because it is soft,comfortable, and stylish.  It is not a very complicated shirt, but it is not just a plain shirt either, it is perfect.  I love the glitter and it is my favorite color too.  I am going to wear this to school and my friends will be jealous!

I don't know how to  do the linky thing so my Mommy did it for me.  It is the links where you can check out  Bluewater Road Kids in  Pinterest and  on  Etsy Shop where you can make your orders.

If you have kids like me who likes cool stuff such as the tee that I am wearing, I think that you should consider ordering them a personalized shirt with their name on it.  I know this because my brother said to me that he wishes he has a shirt with his name  on it as well.

I apologize for the  the messy hair, I just could not wait to try the tee when I saw it.  My Mom wanted to comb my hair before she takes my pictures but I told her that it is fine.  I do not look bad right?  I would like to  extend my gratitude to Bluewater Road Kids Design for sending me this beautiful tee that I am wearing.

Disclaimer:  I did not receive monetary compensation in writing this review, I do however, received the tee I described above for free.

Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Classic Toys for Your Little Thinkers

Toy shops these days are more like toy warehouses, filled to the brim with loud, colorful, shiny toys of all shapes and sizes. It’s hard for parents to know where to begin. If you’re shopping for your little one, a good place to start is with the classics. And why not choose toys that will not just entertain, but also challenge your child? Here are a few great options:


LEGO is a classic kids’ toy, although let’s be honest, us adults can’t help but love those yellow bricks, too. The toy brand is constantly offering new themed sets that appeal to kids of every generation, from a Lego Star Wars R2D2 to a miniature version of the Sydney Opera House. The value of Lego is not found in the individual plastic rectangles, but in their ability to spark a kid’s imagination. Before kids are able to complete a Lego creation, they must first imagine what it will look like. Imagining is an important part of a child’s development, and Lego taps into that perfectly.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

Hunting for those all-important straight-edges, categorizing every piece by color and challenging yourself to complete it without looking at the front of the box - ah, the joys of jigsaw puzzles. With different puzzles aimed at each age group, this is a classic toy that kids can enjoy throughout their childhood and into adulthood.
3. Construction Sets

Construction sets, or ‘erector sets’ as they’re also known, inspire kids to become creative problem solvers. They must use reason, and a practical understanding of physics (they’re doing this, even if they don’t know it!) to turn a set of seemingly unrelated parts - pulleys, gears, motors, wheels, etc. - into a functioning machine. Just wait and see what sort of ‘Rube Goldbergs’ your kid can come up with!
4. Rubik’s Cube

This brain-teasing block of colorful squares boggles the minds of most adults, let alone kids. Whilst it’s difficult to solve a Rubix Cube perfectly, every attempt to do so gets your neurons firing. Plus, once a kid learns to master it, he or she has an awesome party trick for life.
5. Monopoly

Whilst there’s plenty to be learned from Monopoly about the free market economic system and the dangers of winding up in jail, the real value this classic board game offers kids is the opportunity to improve their math skills. Counting their fake money and figuring out what ‘change’ they owe another player requires kids to do mentalarithmetic. For kids who aren't too keen on math homework, this is a great way to make their learning fun.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soergels Orchards

One of my daughter's  classmates/friend invited her to  go with them at a pumpkin patch.  Since we already went to  another pumpkin farm, we did not go but we let her go with them.  They went to Soergel Orchards, a family  owned  farm  started way back in 1850 by a German immigrant  name John  Conrad  Soergel.  It's amazing how they keep it going till this day.  We have never been to this orchard so we are planning to go there  next year.  My son was bummed out when he found out that one of his classmates were with them.  The farm is  located in Wexford PA.

I a glad that  the Mom who invited my daughter took some photos and sent it to me.  Thanks  Mrs. V!

Toyota 4Runner , Let's Go Places

As you look at toyota 4runner sales & discounts, you need to remember that all SUVs are better with accessories. This makes them even more capable than they already are. This is important since SUVs are meant to be used differently than standard cars, so having accessories that help can really allows them to fulfill their role in your life.

For instance, you probably want to get a roof rack. Your new car may come with roof bars already installed, or they could be an option that you can choose if you want them. Check with the dealer before ordering the car, as it is more expensive to have them put on after you own the vehicle. You can then get crossbars for the roof rack and use the top of your vehicle to carry things, such as a Christmas tree. You could also get a special rack for a kayak or one for a bike, making it easier to bring your toys along when you are leaving the highway behind. 

Another accessory that you may want to consider is a trailer hitch. SUVs tend to be very good for hauling trailers because they have powerful engines, but you need a hitch to be able to do it. In many ways, this makes your SUV as useful as a pickup truck, even though it is as comfortable as a car. If you want the hauling ability of a truck without the stiff on-road suspension, this is a terrific option for you.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Artificial Tattoo

I am not into tattoo although I  have nothing against those people who does have tattoos.  I am glad that my  husband does not have one either.  Out of curiosity, we let  our kids  use the artificial tattoos that can be washed.  

Do you think  tattoo is a form of art?

How to Make Your Child Cooperate In a Tuition Class?

One common challenge that most parents face when it comes to subjecting their children to private tuition is getting them to cooperate. There is always that fear that the child might not appreciate and recognize the advantages that come with the tuition. Lack of cooperation will lead to both the child and the parent to be on the losing end. As a parent you have to acquire certain skills in order for you to get your child to commit and cooperate to tuition. It is always believed that parents know what is best for their children. This is why most parents in Singapore will actually go ahead and seek for tuition services without talking to their children first about it. Fine. You may notice that your child is in dire need of maths tuition but have you asked him or her of what he or she feels about it?

Maybe he has some other solution that doesn't involve O level additional Maths tuition. Communication is always the key when it comes to making decisions for your child. Do not impose tuition on them when they are not ready for it. It's advisable that you set specific expectations with your child before bringing up the whole tuition idea. For Instance if you notice a drastic drop in their results, you can talk to them on how it is important to make some improvements. You can give them the option of private tuition. If your child doesn't welcome that idea, set a target and make him or her pledge that in case they don't achieve it, they will have no other option than to go for a maths tuition. This is actually a good strategy for you at first give them a grace period to make things better. If your child still resists the whole tuition idea even after trying the first method, then maybe you need to give him or her a taste of it. Note I don't mean that you should impose it on him or her.

Try convincing him or her about the whole idea and have a tutor come in for a month just for them to have an experience. After that, both of you will make a decision on the next way forward. Make sure that the tutor is aware about the lack of cooperation the child might exhibit. This will enable him or her to know how to handle the child and make it a wonderful experience. At the end of the trial period the child will maybe see the importance of O level Additional maths tuition. Through it all you must never at any point make your child feel that you are punishing him by subjecting him to maths tuition. This will only frustrate both your efforts and the tutor's. You should communicate the whole idea to him in a manner that won't make him or her feel like a failure. Tell him or her that you have faith in them and that you believe they will improve within no time. Exercise patience and constantly encourage them. If you do all this, your child will welcome the whole idea of tuition and cooperate accordingly.

James Liao a.k.a The Educationist of Singapore, a MASTERS scholar from NTU, has been on the forefront of Singapore's education fabric for more than a decade. Through this period he has helped many students improve from F9 to A1 in Chemistry, Physics, A.Maths and E.Maths. As a result, these same students managed to qualify for Junior Colleges and most of them have already graduated from NTU, NUS and SMU.

Call The Educationist now at 81-888-009 to start your route from F9 to A1.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wet and Wild Ride at Sea World San Antonio

I passed on this attraction at Sea World because I did not want to walk around  wet in the park.  It is called  Rio Loco.  My son stayed with me which I  am thankful because I did not  want him walking around wet either.  Him and I shared the same  idea when it comes to rides lol.  MY daughter on the other hand love this kind of ride.  

All of them were soaked after the ride.  Photos courtesy of my friend Dhemz, thanks for allowing me to grabbed these sis.

Packing Tips for Fragile Items

Looking at fragile items that you need to pack could seem a little bit daunting, but don’t be afraid! Even the most fragile of items can be packed safely and sent somewhere, as long as you pack it well. There are a few things to bear in mind that will ensure that the job gets done properly and you don’t have any unwanted breakages. Here are some tips to go about packing fragile items.

Stock Up on Packing Supplies

The most important thing to do is make sure you have enough packing supplies, so that you don’t end up scrimping and hoping that the items are going to make it to the other end unharmed. If you have an abundance of packing supplies such as tape, filling, boxes, ‘fragile’ stickers etc you will be more likely to do a great job and keep those fragile items snug and safe!

Bubble Wrap It!

Bubble wrap is your best friend so make sure you have heaps on hand especially if you have lots of different fragile items to pack. Think of your fragile item as a baby, and swaddle it in many layers of bubble wrap. If the things that you have to pack are of odd shapes then you can also use the bubble wrap to pad out the container they are in.

Use Sturdy Cartons/Boxes

There is no point going to all the trouble of packing your fragile items really carefully if the box you are packing them in is not of a good quality and won’t go the distance. Make sure that you use sturdy cartons or boxes and that they are sealed up really well so the bottom doesn’t drop out when you pick them up. Also make sure that you use cartons/boxes that have lids and are able to close so you know that there is no chance of items slipping out through the cracks.

Firmly Pack Boxes

Ensuring that the boxes are firmly packed will keep the items in them from slipping and sliding around and there will be less chance of things getting broken. If you don’t have enough items to completely fill a box then make sure that you use lots of filler to hold the contents as firmly in place as possible. This will protect them from getting damaged.

The More Fragile The Item The More Packaging

A great rule of thumb to work by is that the more fragile the item is, the more packaging it will need. Don’t skimp on packaging as its really not worth it to do a half-baked job. If you are going to the trouble of buying all the supplies and carefully wrapping your fragile item then make sure that you go the whole way and do the job properly. Following these tips will help you to achieve success and get your goods there in one piece! For more tips on packing and storage ideas see http://

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Season, Pumpkin Land Fun

October means  pumpkin season so what more could be  fun than visiting pumpkin patch right.  We  hot the  road yesterday  and went to Janoski's Farm in PA.  I was bummed out that the battery of the camera I brought was drained so I use my cellphone to take these photos.
We saw our neighbor  there and  my daughter's classmates so they had so much fun!
Visit to the pumpkin land is not complete without  fried dough, one of my daughter's favorite.  They were bummed out to find out that the petting zoo was closed and that they can only look at them from outside.  Nevertheless, they found fun in doing other stuff such as:
Ms. Burrito was itching real bad  from the hay so she was not smiling at this  very last photo.  We bought a 30 pounder pumpkin and two small ones.  We will be carving it soon.

Staying Fit

Dedicated to  staying fit, these two always  wants to go with us on a long walk and bike riding.  I hope that their dedication to staying fit would  linger on for  life.  

I am actually  impressed  of how they can physically keep up with us when we go for a very long walk.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shandle Toilet Seat Handle

Cleaning the bathroom is one chore that I am not very fond of specially scrubbing the toilet!  I don't know, maybe it is just me, or does anyone of you has the feeling that I do?  It grosses me out even just thinking that I have to clean the toilet again.  I am nit saying that  my bathroom is filthy but the fact that our human waste goes there just give me that  yucky feeling every time.

Thank God for companies  like the Shandle for their constant innovation of making our house chores much easier to do.  They sent me three different designs of their  toilet seat handle including the Alien, Dinosaur, and Robot.  I was grinning from ear to ear when I received it as I won't have to  constantly remind my son and husband to lift the seat when they  take a leak.  They don't really feel doing the lifting of the seat before because they too, are grossed out lol.

Shandle has the unique packaging, I love that the wrapper looks vintage.  In fact, I am thinking of using it to my scrapbook project.  Putting the handle is very easy.  You just  need to clean and dry the right side of the seat, peel off the  adhesive cover, and stick it on.

So now, my problem has the solution!  Thank you so much Shandle!  I used the robot  design first and  my son said "That is cool Mom!" when I showed it to him shortly after arriving from school.

 The Shandle toilet seat handle makes it easier for him to raise and lower the sit when it's tinkle time.

Thank you so much Shandle for giving me the opportunity to work with you and review your awesome creation!  You can buy Shandle for $4.99 each or you can get the  three pack deal for $9.99.  Just visit the  website through the link I have provided above for more details.  I highly recommend this especially for families with tots at home.

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  Opinions  being expressed is  not in anyway influenced by other factors.  The product/s   mentioned above was provided for FREE  for evaluation purposes.

BISSELL Helps Keeping Home Clean

This post brought to you by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last weekend was a really busy one for us.  We spent the two days cleaning our home including  the walls.    Hubby  has been hinting for me to initiate the   cleaning of the walls so finally last Sunday when he mentioned it, I told him to grab the bucket and we will do it together, wink.  He did one room and he said "Maybe, we should do one room every weekend" but I don't like installment  cleaning.  When I started a job, I won't  stop until it's done.  I am so relieved that  it's done finally.  I was suppose to do it last Spring but  I slacked off.  

This coming weekend, my husband is  planning to steam our carpet.  I do the vacuuming and he does the steam vacuuming of the carpet.  I am glad that there are plenty of cleaning tips.  Although I don't have a BISSELL vacuum cleaner yet, I am thankful that they are giving consumer  like me a chance to own one through their giveaway/sweepstakes.  You and me can enter to win a fabulous prize so don't forget to check it out and enter.  One of us might get lucky and win, you never know right?

I would really love to own  their POWERGLIDE Pet Vacuum to  help me out   cleaning my dogs' hair.  It is a bit frustrating that every time I vacuum, there is an enormous amount of hair being picked up from the carpet.  By the way, you can  enjoy a $20  off your purchase  and a free shipping with their current offers by using  POWERGLIDE promo code.  
I love the fact that the product I want is lightweight so even my kids can help me in vacuuming our carpet.  Check them out and enjoy their cleaning tips for   different occasion.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Five Ways to Obtain a Certificate for Work While Having a Full-Time Job

There’s no doubt that combining study and work can be difficult – doing either of these things on their own can be a challenge. However, there are a few ways that you can efficiently obtain a certificate while having a full-time job. If you look into the different methods of study, you can find an option that caters to your specific needs. Whether this means studying part time or via correspondence, there is a way to juggle both worlds without overloading yourself.

Consider Part-Time Study

Studying part time is a great way to manage your full-time job. By doing this, you can eliminate a lot of the time you would be required to attend classes. This can help to ease your mind and lower the stress of work and study. However, part-time study takes longer to complete than full-time. And although it will be less stressful for you in the short term, you will have to commit for a larger period of time. Make sure you consider this before deciding to obtain a certificate.

Study via Correspondence

If your job takes up a large amount of time, and you find yourself unable to attend part-time classes, consider studying via correspondence. This gives you the flexibility to do your study when it suits you. This is a wonderful option for those with a heavy workload, or unpredictable working hours. Studying via correspondence enables you to choose your study time, and work whenever you need. Keep in mind that working in isolation can limit your motivation in comparison with attending classes.

Study Leave

If you’re hoping to undertake part-time study, but don’t feel you can manage the hours, consider talking to your employer about study leave. Most employers are happy to work out a solution, and will talk to you about the best way to approach your potential study. By agreeing to study leave, your employers consent to provide you with up to twenty days of paid leave.

Work Full-Time and Study Full-Time

It may seem hard to do, but if you’re passionate about completing a qualification quickly, it is possible to work and study full-time. Talk with your employer, and see if it’s possible to change your hours to suit your course. Many certificates offer evening classes, which makes it easier to juggle both. If you’re up for it, consider working during the day and studying at night. Although the work will be hard, you will complete the qualification sooner.


If you’re finding hard to work out an option of obtaining your certificate while working full-time, it’s a good idea to evaluate your organisation skills. There may be some way that you can minimise the amount of hours you spend working or studying by coming up with a personal routine. If you’re passionate about both work and study, you’ll be able to find a balance that works for you.

There are a number of ways you can manage study and full-time work. Just remember that study is flexible, and can cater to your needs. HBA Learning Centres Australia offer certificates and diplomas for both part-time and full-time workers. Contact them to find the best way to suit your work and study needs.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Help Children Hear Better: Learn about Hearing Aid Styles for Kids

There are more than three million American children who are experiencing hearing loss. This is according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology. Almost half of these children are younger than 3 years old, but more children will have hearing loss later in their childhood. The use of hearing aids for children can help in the improvement of hearing and speech, especially to those who experience inner ear hearing loss because of damaged hearing nerves. Hearing loss can be caused by birth defects, infections, injury, noise, certain medications, tumors and other problems that involve blood circulation.

Hearing AidHearings aids are devices that are battery-operated or electronic devices that can amplify and change sounds that are present in the environment. It converts the sound received through the microphone to sound waves and then converted to electric signals.

Factors that affect the use of Hearing Aids
Generally, children who experience hearing loss can benefit from the use of hearing aids. However, there are some factors that affect hearing aids. They are the following:

1. If there is present deformity or shape of the outer ear
2. Depth of the depression near the ear canal
3. Severity of the hearing loss
4. The knowledge of the child to insert or remove the hearing aids
5. Amount of wax build up inside the ear
6. Some ears that require drainage may not be able to find certain models of hearing aid available to use.

Types of Hearing Aids for Children
For kids, the hearing aids should be able to fit the child’s age and changing needs. Thus, many technical advancements and sophistication come along with today’s hearing aids. Siemens hearing aids have special high technology devices that are specifically made for children with hearing loss. Some of the features that a Siemens hearing aid has are:
  • Digital programming for specific adjustments based on the severity of the hearing loss.
  • Flexibility in various degrees.
  • Full-bodied construction that allows protection from dust and moisture.
  • A remote control – to access other functions of the hearing aid easily.
  • Child-safe programmable buttons and switches.
  • For use with FM/DM systems in schools, Direct Audio Input (DAI) using an audio shoe.
  • Connectivity through wireless networks with personal computers, smart phones, music players and other audio devices.
  • A battery doors and screw-on ear hook for child proofing.
1. BTE or Being-the-ear models: It basically comes in many sizes and two basic styles. A BTE model sits behind the ear and has a tube that connects the hearing aid to the ear. (a) Traditional BTE model – The sound receiver is located within the body of the hearing aid and brings the sound to the ear with the use of a tube connected to the ear molds. (b) Receiver-in-canal or RIC – brings the sound through a small receiver at the end of a tube near the ear canal.

2. ITE or Custom made in-the-ear models: This comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. The function of the hearing aid will depend on the impairment, needs and the preferences of the child. It should be recommended by a hearing care professional.

Selecting a Hearing Aid for your Child

Ask a hearing care professional about the most appropriate hearing aid for your child depending on the different factors. There are varieties of Siemens hearing aid designs available in the market, these types are defined by the features and how they are to be used. Your hearing care professional will schedule your child for a fitting – this includes ordering and producing of the ear molds and the fine-tuning of the hearing aid depending on what your child needs.

Ernest Poh founded The Hearing Centre Pte Ltd. The Hearing Centre is your one-stop centre for complete hearing aids and hearing conservation services. Ernest has been fitting hearing devices since 2004. Visit his website at to learn more about the different types of hearing aids and the possible causes of hearing loss.

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