Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a painful part of every man’s and even some women’s lives. It happens to a lot of us eventually and while there are some things we can do about it, there are also some situations where you’re pretty much just stuck. Here are five causes of hair loss and what you can do about them, if anything. If nothing else you can at least be warned its coming.

Male Pattern Baldness

There is simply very little you can do about this. It’s a part of your genetic code. As little as most men like it it’s something you have to face up to. Feel free to contact biothikaustralia.com.au or similar to find some temporary solutions to hair thinning eventually you will have to accept it. That being said, there’s no reason not to hold onto your hair as long as possible.


Dealing with too much at once can quite quickly impact your hair. Being under severe physical strain like surgery can do the job, as can severe emotional stress like dealing with job shifts or severe family issues. Any measures to increase hair density can be used to delay hair loss just long enough to correct your stress issues but if it starts falling out, step one is relax.

Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency

If you’re not getting things you need the hair is one of the things that will suffer quickly. If you don’t have enough of certain things in your body your hair becomes brittle, fragile and breakable and this is a serious problem. Buy some multivitamin supplements or see a doctor and figure out exactly what you need more of. If you don’t like pills it might be time to think about changing your diet a little. This is one cause of hair loss you can do something about.


Many kinds of pill can cause damage to hair follicles. Technically this is called telogen effluvium, a rapid shedding of the hair when hairs shift from a growth phase to a resting phase and then fall out when new hairs grow. This can’t be helped, after all you need to take your pills, but if they’re only temporary you can use hair loss solutions as a stopgap until the course is past.

Playing With it

A lot of people habitually run their hands through their hair, or simply pull on it when stressed or bothered. This is a good nervous habit but when the hair is being messed with or damaged it can end in falling out. Keep your hands out of your hair for a while and it should be as simple as that for most people. It can be a hard habit to break, but baldness if harder.

Modern medicine has cures for almost everything, but even what it doesn’t there are things you can do with a healthy lifestyle and a little care. Worst case scenario, you get a couple of years of extra hair, best case, you get to keep it.


  1. I've got thick and wavy hair and I used to hate it. I remember when I was still young, I used to pray that some of my hair would fall just so my mane would look thinner. Now, I laugh every time i remember that and I'm really thankful that I've got thick hair.

  2. I remember one time when a patch of hair just fell from my scalp and I got so scared. I went straight to the doctor only to be told it was alopecia due to stress. Yup, i had a patch of shiny hairless skin on my scalp for several months before it grew tiny fine hairs. Since then, I vowed not to get overly stressed and started taking measures by meditating, eating properly, having enough rest and sleep.

    Getting bald, albeit temporarily is not a good experience. I had to cover that part with a very broad headband for several months.

  3. I too experienced hair loos but don't know actually the reason behind. thanks for sharing such causes now I simply know why I encountered such loos

  4. My mom does suffer from hair loss and it is really not a fun. And you are right, men aren't the only ones suffering from it because women do too.

  5. i think men are more prone to hair loss. but i also lost a considerable amount of hair when i got pregnant + up to this day, i have not fully solved my hair fall woes. good thing, i was born with naturally think hair.

  6. Lossing of hair it's very painful i have accept your point, because I am also suffering from hair loss problem, i want to find a Hair fall solution for women


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