Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Benefits of Getting an MBA

By pursuing an MBA degree, a successful candidate can truly attain several benefits not just for his or her personal development but for their professional career too. For one, they can get additional knowledge concerning business as well as a wide variety of relevant aspects. Business schools and MBA programs usually teach business strategies and concepts, in reality and in theory.   Additionally, since an MBA course usually includes internship and training in certain firms, a student will definitely learn to utilize his or her skills in the course of everyday business operations and in reality. 

A coop MBA program, like Laurier University’s Coop MBA program, enhances the leadership skills of a student due to the rigorous training involved. In addition to the training, the reports, assignments, group projects and presentations given will enable students utilize their skills in dealing with business situations in a similar manner to what happens in real life. By developing this ability, the leadership and expertise in a student's chosen field is promoted. 

A vital benefit gained from a coop MBA program involves the network of business relations formed by a student with his or her classmates. The associations formed in the course of studying an MBA course are perceived as valuable resources that can continue even after the student graduates from the program.  Such extensive MBA networks can be consulted by graduates in case they need advice and can assist them in their relocation issues as well as search for employment. 

Once a student has earned an MBA degree, particularly from a prestigious business school, he or she will definitely get several employment offers from top companies. It is said that investment banks and consulting firms offer the best-paying employment opportunities to those who have just graduated with coop MBA degrees. Despite the MBA market experiencing a slowdown in 2003, consulting companies and investment banking firms are on the lookout for MBAs on campus again, particularly during recruiting seasons. 

Not to be forgotten of course, is the huge wages that an individual can get from holding an MBA degree. According to several surveys, MBA starting salaries have been on the rise in recent years, including signing bonuses; with the trend being global. For instance, one survey showed that in 2005 there was a 10% increase in the average salary and bonus for newly graduated MBA holders at $114,000. This rate of salary broke the record back in 2001. 

In case someone's career path does not fit perfectly to his or her interests and aptitudes, one of the benefits of pursuing an MBA program is that it enables them to explore their options flexibly. It also provides one with the required training for those wishing to change their careers. Another advantage is that one can use his or her education to start they own business venture.  If someone is interested in starting a business but does not possess the required expertise to launch it, an MBA can be of immense help. It can prepare someone to do everything including acquiring venture capital, writing a business plan or even launching an IPO. 

Article written by Michael Phillips


  1. I would really love to have an MBA! I hope it'snot too late for my age! :)

  2. When I was 19, I took some classes in business, I took account, keyboarding 1 and 2, business math and some other classes I don't recall. I wasn't able to finish due to no transportation, but I would have graduated! I would love to get a degree though, I guess I'd need a GED first.


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