Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bucket of Hershey Chocolates

 My daughter (Ms. Burrito) was browsing and reading her blog last Friday night and she looked for the pictures  that I took when she arrived from her Christmas party last year.  I actually forgot to write  about it so I promised that I will do it this week.
 I am glad that  Mr. Burrito is starting to have  a confidence of going to school ever since I started teaching him at home.  He wants to be involved in  everything that his sister does now.  
 Ms. Burrito won a prize during their party, she said that they had a guessing game and she took home a  bucket  of Hershey chocolates which her brother really loved!  She also made some  Christmas ornaments.
The head of school room Mom made this snow globe and  gave each  student one with their solo picture on the  other side  and class picture on the other.  Ain't that neat?  

Carefree and Happy-Go-Lucky Guy Turns 12

At 10:09 of January the 15th, twelve years ago, our youngest was born.  He was an 8 pounder baby.  My pregnancy with him was  a lot harder...