Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm

Hello everyone, this is a scheduled post. I want to show you a little bit about our joyful experience living in Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm as they call it. Below is the entrance of the house where we live inside the military base in Chinhae, South Korea. My brother called it a Blue House. We all misses it.

This is the playground inside the base where we used to play almost everyday.

There are so many neat things that you can see in Korea. I love this one where they planted flowers into different shapes.

This was taken inside the Korean military base where cherry blossoms were in full bloom.
This is a big statue surrounded with flowers during summer time.

The first adventure that we did in Korea was to hike Mt. Jiri, I was way littler then but I climb with the big people with no problem. My Mom and Dad were so proud of me because I never complained the entire hike.

There was one boy who hike with us but he cried and cried so they went back down immediately. We did not reach the peak of the mountain because we ran out of time but we were very happy to the distance that we did.
My brother was so little that my Dad had to carry him in a baby carrier.

This is the start of the hike. That was a big and memorable experience that we did.

The next big thing was our travel to Mt. Seorak. Mommy and Daddy celebrated their wedding anniversary there. We stayed for three days. We couldn't climb it so we just rode a cable car to reach to the peak.

It's so beautiful there, I always think that God did a great job creating that place.
I am glad that my parents took a lot of pictures that we can look back to.
Here's the peak of Seorak San.

Our last memorable trip was our island hopping in Jeju Island where we have to fly to get to to the place. Jeju Island is such a paradise. We had so much fun with our stay in the very big hotel below.

We went down to the beach where we have to climbed down and up, it was tough but we had so much fun at the beach. We did sand casle and stuff out there.

We got to ride the "Kalesa" as my Mom calls it. That was a very nice ride, our very first horse carriage ride.

Below is a kids museum that we did not get to explore but I love how they built it.
Below is the ocean where we used to hang out most of the time.
One time, Mommy and Daddy let us ride one of the boats, we had so much fun.
We love running and go for a walk on this side of the town.

Below is a shot that my Mom took and she submitted it to an online smile contest where I won.

Below is the lake where we always went every weekend. It is so relaxing to walk around this huge lake. A lot of Koreans do their exercise and meditation here.
We always brought a piece or two bread in this place and feed the fish.

Oh we miss Korea very much. Mom and Dad said that we only stayed there for almost two years but I feel like we stayed longer than that. We all wish to go back there someday.

I hope that you have enjoyed the tour I presented to you about our wonderful stay in the Land of the Morning Calm, Korea.

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