Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm a King's Kid

I attended the special  mass  held at St. Joseph the Worker church yesterday intended for the  second graders who just had their first communion on the first Sunday of the month. My daughter was part of the  choir who sung songs  during the mass.
I love it that the kids are being trained  at a very early age.  This really helps build up their confidence and also shake off that stage fright that  a lot of people has.  

 The little Mister was one of the  readers during the mass.  It makes me really happy that both of our children are very active in participating in school activities.  That's one of the many perks that I get  to enjoy being a stay at home mom, I get to witness every event that my kids has in school.  
 They sung a song in front of us.  You can watch the video below.
 There was no  fender g dec 30 or especial instrument used in their singing but it is always nice to listen to kids singing especially at church.
The students have donated some loaves of bread and some grape juice for the bread basket which will be given to  charity in town.  I love this kind of  acts, it teaches kids to give to other people and share what they have.
The parish priest  in our church is a  Filipino, he's very nice.  He  mentioned before that his  parish  in the Philippines is also a St. Joseph which I find amazing because  the parish in my home town is also St. Joseph.  Anyway, it was a a nice celebration for the kids.  

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