Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deals on Clothing, Dentists, and More

The shoes and tiara that I bought for my daughter's first communion finally arrived last week. I actually received the tiara weeks ago but the shoes was out of stock so I had to wait, I bought them at Amazon. Her dress has a flower on the shoulder so I bought this  shoes with flower details in it.  She  is very happy  to have her own  tiara.  
How much do  this  complete outfit cost?  Let us see:
1.  Dress:  Paid $8 for shipping only.
  • Got it brand new with  tags on it for FREE at Listia. (I used my credits to bid). 
2.  Shoes and Tiara : Paid $2.67 for Shipping
  • I used the $50 gift card that the Fairy Hobmother sent me.
So over all, I only  spent $10.67 for everything.  Not bad of a deal huh?  

Her first communion will be next month and she is very excited about it.  She has gone to  recollection and confession already so she said she's ready.
On the other note, we went to her dentist last Tuesday  to have two of her tooth fragments pulled out.  Our dentist  are friends with us so she gave Ms. Burrito a gift for her communion, she said that they won't be  here that time so she gave it  in Advance.  Thanks Alimario Family!

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