Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Learning how to Shop on a Budget

Our little first grader student had a straight A grades on the first quarter or first grading on her report card. We are so proud of you Ms. Burrito, we as parents are so happy to have a little scholar. I hope that she would continue to do good in school. We love you!

She is a little disappointed about her Science/Health grade because it is the lowest one but we told her that it's okay. It is still an A so it doesn't mater, beside she can still improve it. She loves Science that's why she was bummed out.
Pardon for the messy hair, she just arrived from school when I took the photos. She was very excited to show us her report card so we opened it up at the porch.
Next week will be their Santa's Secret Shopping at St. Joseph School. Parents and teachers organize this event every year to teach the kids on how to shop for gifts on a budget. Last year, Ms. Burrito shopped for Pap, her brother, and her Aunt Chris. This year, she is shopping for Pap and for her brother.

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