Saturday, November 16, 2013

Decade Day

We brought our kids with us  for a very important appointment  last Thursday.  I sent an excuse letter to the their teachers prior to that day  and I am so grateful that they let them. When we came back  from our appointment, the  package  is waiting for us in our mailbox.  It contains the  matching outfits that Hip Hop 50's Shop has sent  me  for review.  
As you can see  in the photos, she is very delighted  with her poodle skirt  set outfit.  She wishes that she had this  during the Halloween but I told her that she can still use it next year.  

I am guessing that the poodle  skirt was a big  fashion signature  back in the 50's.  It's fun to go back in time through the fashion evolution though.  I am glad that there  is a company that showcases  this era, thanks to Hip Hop  50's Shop for bringing back those fun and remarkable outfits.

Our canine babies  love to be in the photos whenever  we are trying to take some photos.  When  my kids came home from school last Friday, they have this note from school in  connection with the Thanksgiving celebration

My daughter  is very excited because the  outfit that she just got from Hip Hop 50's Shop  came  at a perfect timing for this event.  She  can't wait to  wear this  on the "Decade Day".  She will be representing the 50's with the poodle skirt.

Thank you so much  Hip Hop 50's Shop for the poodle skirts you guys sent us.  I would definitely choose their  outfit over  costumes that are cheaply made.  Hip Hop 50's Shop's  clothing are  made of high quality material and they are well made!  Check them out if you want to  bring back the fashion in 50's.

Disclaimer:  The authors of this blog  did NOT receive  monetary compensation in writing the review.  The products mentioned  above  are provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

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