Monday, January 30, 2012


 Hello everyone, it is me again, Ms. Burrito.  These photos were taken last year.  Before Christmas,  my brother and I counted   the money we have saved from our piggy bank, then  Mom and Dad accompanied us in the mall.  Me and my brother wanted to give  something for our parents.  We bought Dad some sleepwear, most of it has smiley face design and we always giggles when he wears it hehehe.
Here's my brother busy counting  the coins he had in his piggy.  For a year, I think we have saved over  one hundred dollars each including the Christmas and birthday   money that  our  Pap gave us.  Mom insisted  that we saved it instead of buying toys because we already have so many toys at home.
It is nice to save  because you will have something to buy  the things that you want on especial occasion.  Below was taken as we were counting the minutes before the start of the new year.
My Mom and Dad always tells us not to forget  to count and thank God for the blessings that we received.

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