Monday, July 17, 2017

Balloon Fight and a Rain Shower

My daughter was volunteering  for the set up of the vacation Bible school in her school on the day of her birthday so  her little brother wanted to surprise her  with water in balloons so they could have a  water balloon fight when she arrives.  He even learned  how to  tie the balloons himself, that's how bad he really wanted to do something special for her Ate.  
I told him to use the wheelbarrow to put all the filled balloons so the  dogs  won't bust them.  
They had so much fun.  They  asked me to join in but I told them that I will just do the documentation.  They told me to  use  the stand for the camera but I didn't want the camera to get wet .  That was actually my excuse  lol.  The last time we had a balloon fight, I was the main target ha!
Anyway, towards the end of their balloon fight, the rain started coming down.  That was an extra  bonus because  they seldom play in the rain due to lightning and thunderstorm that comes with it most of the times.  This time it was only raining so it was safe for them to  play in the rain.
I told them that when I was a kid, we  always played in the rain every chance we get and it was a lot of fun!
The balloons that they used is not really the water balloons you normally used but a regular  baloons that you blow that's why they were huge.  My son said that the regular balloons  carry more water and it is more fun because you get wet right away when you get blasted.  The issue of it was that, it was hard throwing it  far.  Nevertheless, they had so much fun.
I am glad that my son initiated this  activity, it really made my daughter's day when she came home from school,
Even our dogs took part in chasing them but then ran away when  they got splashed with the water lol.
Those balloons are bigger than their heads lol.  I think they were filled with more than a gallon each.
As a birthday present, EJ let  her  Ate throw a balloon on him without  him running away.
Here us the video I managed to  record of them  throwing those big balloons at each other.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017

5 Fun Things to Do When Boredom Strikes on a Rainy Day

Outside is gloomy, wet, and mucky—what is there to do? Plenty. Especially if you are planning a day of boredom-busting fun for your family. Keep reading to see 5 fun things you can do to banish boredom on a rainy day.

Have Your Fortune Told

 Call a hotline, host a psychic, or brave the rain in favor of fun at the local faire or carnival—whatever way is convenient, you should get your fortune told just for fun. Ask questions, discover what you were in a past life, or delve into the love and romance details of your future.

Host a Neighborhood Water War

This suggestion is a huge hit with kids because they love to get wet and muddy in the rain. Fill up some water balloons and play host to a neighborhood water war. Invite entire families, encourage them to bring their water blasters, and plan for hours of muddy, soaked, rainy day entertainment. But be sure to slather yourself and your guests with coral safe sunscreen [left over from your recent beach trip]. It might be raining but you could actually get sunburnt because the sunshine’s rays are strong enough to penetrate clouds, and water intensifies the effects.

Learn a Language

What better time to dedicate yourself to something serious than when rain keeps you indoors for the day? Learn another language, such as Spanish, French, or Italian. Download some learning tools and online books, and get to work while the rain pours down outside. You’d be surprised how much you can learn in an afternoon.

Spend the Afternoon Baking Something Delicious

There is nothing quite like fresh-baked sugar cookies on a rainy afternoon. So roll out the dough, bake up some goodies, grab a fresh cup of hot tea, and sit down in your favorite chair to watch the rain stream down your windows. That’s what you call relaxing.

Watch Cartoons from Your Childhood

Do you remember getting up for those old cartoons when you were a kid? Saturday mornings were devoted to watching television for hours, soaking up the crazy antics of your favorite characters. Now, as an adult, you should relive those childhood days while it rains. Build a pillow fort, find some old reruns of your favorite cartoons, pop a bag of popcorn, and watch hours of laugh-out-loud moments that made your childhood great.

These fun things to do are perfect for rainy days, particularly if you have a family to entertain. So, use these suggestions as you see fit. Or, implement them as stepping stones to something even more fun and entertaining. Either way, have a good time and enjoy the rain. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Happy 12th Birthday My Love, Our #MiracleBaby

No matter how old you you are, you will always remain to be our miracle baby.  God brought you back to life to give us  reason to live.  It was the most heart racing experience we have ever dealt with but glad that you survived, God has plans for you!
 Look at you all grown up!  I can still remember when I wrote a poem on your eight birthday.  I didn't think I had a poetic side   in me.  I realized that being a parent to you brings out the best in us so thank you.  
 I know that we always have different opinions and that we butt heads   sometimes but please know that  deep inside my heart, I love you very much.  You might not understand it now but I am sure you will, when you become a Mom yourself.  It's a parent's  responsibility to be honest  and guide you of what  we think will be best for you.  
 We are the luckiest parents in the world to have a daughter like you.  You bring so much joy to  us and helps us to be better parents to you and your brother.
 Your fun and bubbly personality  gives us reasons to smile  even on our worse days.
 Stay  sweet as you are and keep your feet on the ground no matter  what success you may  have in the future.  We will always be here to help you reach your dreams and aspirations in life.
 Thank you for being my superstar, my all-time model.  Capturing your every moment is  fun!
 Today, as you celebrate your  12th birthday, I want you to  always remember how w much we love you.  
 We will always cherish the fun times that we get to celebrate your birthday.  I know  that one of your favorites was in Ocean City when you turned 10.  It was fun for all of us.
 Remember when you turned 11?  We couldn't wait to  go to our  destination as we always go on a road trip  and family vacation on your birthday week.  Our   time in Williamsburg Virginia  was a awesome.
 I think for a 12 year old, you have accomplished a lot already and we are so proud of you for that.  From winning the Doodle4Google which gave us the opportunity to go in California to winning a talent show, you are pretty good at it.  Music and Arts are your craft so just continue  to do what you love, we will support you for it.  
 Just remember to  be always humble and  be respectful to all people.  Be confident and know that God  gave you those talents to share so keep sharing it.
 I pray that you will always  have a healthy life.  Be strong with all those bumps that you will encounter in life.  We are here when you need us.
 Oh, thank you for confiding  your secret in me today  about a boy who asked you  for a date lol.  You are exactly my daughter as I would have done the same thing.  You are right, you are too young for it so  focus on getting your goals achieve and love will just come naturally  for you when you are ready. 
 As you celebrate your 12th birthday today, I hope that it is at least  12 times better what you expect it to be because you definitely deserve it.  You are one  might young lady.  
 I thought that this birthday wish  that I read is pretty cool, check it out;
So many great things come in 12s: months in a year, inches in a foot, donuts, eggs, roses, hours on a clock, zodiac signs, members of a jury, drummers drumming, birthstones and, most importantly, YOU.
 Here's to 12 years of fun, hooray to a pretty celebrant.  Screaming, yelling, hollering, Happy Birthday to you my miracle baby, I love you so much. 
I want to thank you for bringing me so much joy over the past 11 years years. You have taught me so much about life, about myself, about being patient. You have taught me how to love unconditionally. 
 Smile, laugh, and scream, it is your birthday!
 Dance and sing a song,  tickle the piano, play the violin, you are free to do all those things, it is your birthday.
 Jump as high as you can, feel free to fly,  it is your birthday!
 Happy 12th birthday Dahlin, you have all the power in your hands, use it well in God's glory.
May the Almighty God bless you with good health and guide you all through your  life.  We love you very much!  Enjoy your day and have fun!!

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