Thursday, July 13, 2017

5 Fun Things to Do When Boredom Strikes on a Rainy Day

Outside is gloomy, wet, and mucky—what is there to do? Plenty. Especially if you are planning a day of boredom-busting fun for your family. Keep reading to see 5 fun things you can do to banish boredom on a rainy day.

Have Your Fortune Told

 Call a hotline, host a psychic, or brave the rain in favor of fun at the local faire or carnival—whatever way is convenient, you should get your fortune told just for fun. Ask questions, discover what you were in a past life, or delve into the love and romance details of your future.

Host a Neighborhood Water War

This suggestion is a huge hit with kids because they love to get wet and muddy in the rain. Fill up some water balloons and play host to a neighborhood water war. Invite entire families, encourage them to bring their water blasters, and plan for hours of muddy, soaked, rainy day entertainment. But be sure to slather yourself and your guests with coral safe sunscreen [left over from your recent beach trip]. It might be raining but you could actually get sunburnt because the sunshine’s rays are strong enough to penetrate clouds, and water intensifies the effects.

Learn a Language

What better time to dedicate yourself to something serious than when rain keeps you indoors for the day? Learn another language, such as Spanish, French, or Italian. Download some learning tools and online books, and get to work while the rain pours down outside. You’d be surprised how much you can learn in an afternoon.

Spend the Afternoon Baking Something Delicious

There is nothing quite like fresh-baked sugar cookies on a rainy afternoon. So roll out the dough, bake up some goodies, grab a fresh cup of hot tea, and sit down in your favorite chair to watch the rain stream down your windows. That’s what you call relaxing.

Watch Cartoons from Your Childhood

Do you remember getting up for those old cartoons when you were a kid? Saturday mornings were devoted to watching television for hours, soaking up the crazy antics of your favorite characters. Now, as an adult, you should relive those childhood days while it rains. Build a pillow fort, find some old reruns of your favorite cartoons, pop a bag of popcorn, and watch hours of laugh-out-loud moments that made your childhood great.

These fun things to do are perfect for rainy days, particularly if you have a family to entertain. So, use these suggestions as you see fit. Or, implement them as stepping stones to something even more fun and entertaining. Either way, have a good time and enjoy the rain. 

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